MONO Device Stand with K&M Tablet Holder
#Product / 6 July 2021

Studio Upgrades: Introducing the MONO Device Stand with K&M Tablet Holder

A new tablet stand has joined the family and it’s taking stability and durability to the next level. Say hello to our Device Stand with K&M Tablet Holder — our first collaboration with leading industry designers, König & Meyer. Our first collaboration with K&M We've combined the iconic industrial-grade, laser-cut,… Read more

#Product / 23 December 2020

The FlyBy Ultra vs. The Classic FlyBy

What makes the new FlyBy Ultra, “ultra”? What changes did we make to our most iconic backpack? When we envisioned the next evolution of the FlyBy, we knew it wouldn’t be to replace the iconic Classic version we all know and love - we simply wanted to push the boundaries… Read more

MONO Ukulele cases
#Product / 22 December 2020

Looking after your ukulele

Whether you are a touring artist heading onto the road or a beginner playing at home, how can you be sure to keep your instrument safe, secure and in top condition? Here are our top tips for caring for your ukulele. Clean Your Ukulele Regularly There are no two ways… Read more

Acoustic Guitar
#Product / 29 October 2020

A comfortable home for your acoustic guitar

No two acoustic guitars are the same — even those built to the same specifications. So when you find the acoustic guitar that resonates with you, protecting your one-of-a-kind instrument should be a top priority. You should also invest in an acoustic guitar case that best suits your needs whether… Read more

#Product / 16 October 2020

Protecting your parlor guitar

Congratulations. You’ve played countless acoustics and you’ve finally found your voice with the Parlor guitar – and what a voice it is.  Warm, resonant, and intimate, these diminutive guitars have soulful tones that have defined many iconic blues, folk, and jazz records.With a history that dates back all the way… Read more

MONO Pedalboard Carbon
#Product / 26 September 2020

Pedalboard Carbon: The flat board of the future

Say hello to the future of the flat pedalboard — and it’s built from carbon fiber. In many ways, the Pedalboard Carbon challenges the way you think pedalboards should look and feel like. Revealed earlier this year at NAMM 2020, the Pedalboard Carbon was designed from the ground up. Everything… Read more

#Product / 4 May 2020

Home Studio Upgrades: Introducing the MONO Studio Monitor Stands

For many creators, life revolves around the studio. You might have a home setup to work on new song ideas and eventually head to a professional studio to turn your demos into full-fledged productions. These days, the lines between “home” and “pro” recording quality are becoming increasingly blurred and with… Read more

#Product / 10 September 2019

Meet the Stealth Alias and Relay

The ultimate bags for creators are here and they're hitting the streets today: the Stealth Alias Backpack and Stealth Relay Messenger. We previewed both bags at Summer NAMM earlier this year and you can finally pick one up now. Whether you're a DJ, Producer, Engineer, Songwriter or any other kind… Read more

#Product / 5 December 2018

Pedalboard Accessories: Achieve a Pro Pedalboard Setup at Home

There are many factors to consider when setting up your pedalboard beyond the sound you want to achieve. How big should your board be, how many pedals do you need, what's the right power supply, soldered vs solderless, managing pedalboard real estate and cables – just to name just a… Read more

#Product / 6 March 2018

Best of Instagram March 2018 Edition: #MONOfits

We love photos of gear. We love them more when they are laid flat! MONOCreators around the world have been sending us some awesome Instagram images of late, so we thought we'd give you a roundup of some of our favorites... A post shared by Brian Daniel Apostòl (@briandapostol) on Oct 13,… Read more

#Product / 14 February 2018

The M80 Vertigo Ukulele Case: Renewed & Reinspired

For one of the easiest travel instruments around, your ukulele still deserves protection and care - at home or on the road. With the first M80 Ukulele Cases, came MONO’s all-round protection and storage features. But where we found opportunities to improve and innovate, we sought the necessary expertise to… Read more

#Product / 26 January 2018

The New M80 Stealth: The Ultimate In Mobility

When we introduced the M80 Vertigo ten years ago, we took a momentous step forward for the traveling musician and their guitar. Where the Vertigo ensured the safeguard of your instruments through long-haul travels, we know that many urban musicians look for absolute mobility for shorter trips around their city.… Read more