Zane Carney with a Heritage H-150 Custom Core Electric Guitar
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Zane Carney Talks LA Jazz, Live Streaming, and new album ‘Alter Ego’

As we approach the release of the quartet’s debut album, “Alter Ego”, on the 30th of April, we managed to snag some of Zane Carney’s time to nerd out about gear, jazz music, live streaming, and a whole lot more. Read more

MONO pedalboards in a studio

#monopfx: Best pedalboards of April 2021

Interested in getting ideas for your future builds? Read on as we showcase some of the best pedalboards for April 2021. Read more

MONO pedalboard carbon with JHS pedals
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WATCH: New and Notable Pedals in Josh’s Collection

What sort of pedals catches the eye (and ears) of an established pedal builder? Read more

MONO FlyBy Ultra & Stealth Alias Backpacks
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WATCH: MONO FlyBy Ultra & Stealth Alias Comparison

Having trouble deciding between the MONO FlyBy Ultra and the MONO Stealth Alias for your own needs? Well, this video from Patrick Breen just might be what you're looking for. Read more


#monopfx: Best pedalboards of March 2021

We’re marching on steadily into the year (pun intended) and the third calendar month has an assortment of pedalboard beauties both big and small. Read on as we showcase some of the best #monopfx pedalboards for March 2021. Read more


LEARN: Angled Pedalboards vs. Flat Pedalboards

Let’s go in-depth and give you the low-down on flat boards and angled boards to give you an idea of which pedal platform suits your style best. Read more

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WATCH: Effects Pedals + Drums with Dan Mayo

Drummers, have you ever been envious of guitarists and bassists showing up to practice with fancy new pedals? Well if you can’t beat ’em, you might as well join’em. Read more


#monopfx: Best pedalboards of February 2021

What did the romance of February bring for us pedalboard enthusiasts? Read on as we compile our favorite #monopfx pedalboards of the month that have caught our eyes with their looks and tones. Read more

Jazmine Sullivan & Eric Church Sing the National Anthem at Super Bowl LV
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WATCH: Epic Super Bowl LV National Anthem produced by Adam Blackstone, BASSic Black Entertainment

Another epic football & music filled weekend has concluded with one of TV’s most-watched annual live events - the Super Bowl. Read more

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WATCH: JHS & 60 Cycle Hum’s Spring Reverb Pedal Shootout

If you like dad humour and gear pedals, you'll definitely love this week's edition of "Things We Love" from MONO. Read more


#monopfx: Best pedalboards of January 2021

Here are the top pedalboards that caught our eye this month for their clean layouts, tonal options and more. Read more

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WATCH: Expert Panel resolves every guitar debate ever

60 Cycle Hum, VAVA, Mrs. Smith, Jay Leonard J, and Mike Adams decide to take thing up a notch and try to resolve every guitar debate ever. Read more