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#Equipment Care / 12 October 2020

Guitars & Humidity (Part 2): Four tips to prevent humidity damage

Now that you’re familiar with some of the signs of humidity damage, here are some useful tips to help you best take care of your guitars. Haven’t read Part 1? Click here. Take the necessary measures based on the environment you’re in to help you monitor, and ultimately prevent, humidity-related… Read more

Acoustic Guitar humidity damage
#Equipment Care / 18 August 2020

Guitars & Humidity (Part 1): Eight signs of humidity damage

Depending on where you live, dealing with less-than-ideal humidity can be a seasonal battle or a challenge all year round. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to regulate and manage humidity levels in your guitar’s immediate surroundings. There are also some clear signs of  humidity damage that you should keep… Read more

#Equipment Care / 15 April 2020

5 Things To Do At Home In Quarantine: The Musician’s Edition

Live shows may be off the books for now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t stay creative and productive. Over the past two months, our followers have been sharing some of their favorite stay-home activities during this time of social distancing. We’ve collated some ideas here to inspire you to… Read more

#Equipment Care / 19 October 2017

Safeguarding Your Equipment

Taking your instruments overseas can seem like a lot of work, despite the reward. Give your instruments the care they deserve so you both make it back in one piece. Here are a few things to think about before your trip: Under the sun Whether you’re heading out to a… Read more

#Equipment Care / 12 May 2017

Why Neck Support Matters

A well-kept guitar’s sound will continue to improve with each passing year. And one of the ways to keep your guitar in excellent condition is to focus on guitar neck maintenance. Guitar care starts at the neck The neck of your guitar is constantly under pressure from the strings of… Read more

#Equipment Care / 21 April 2017

How To Store Your Guitar In Different Climates

MONO gear gets around. The guitarists we create for are from pretty much anywhere. But whether you find yourself in blistering cold, tropical humid climates, or something in between, there’s a whole host of conditions out there that your guitar may not thrive in. Damage to your beloved axe can… Read more

#Equipment Care / 30 March 2017

How To Pack A Van For Touring

Giving musicians the right tools for the job is what we live for, but getting said tools into a van and taking them on the road isn’t always as easy as you might think. Here are some pointers for starting as you mean to go on and getting your gear… Read more

#Equipment Care / 3 March 2017

Can a Gigbag Really Keep Your Guitar Safe?

If you’ve ever experienced the horror of opening a case to find a wounded instrument inside, you know how important it is to trust in whatever protective place you store your guitar. A great case gives you confidence and peace of mind, secure in your knowledge that your prized possession… Read more