Equipment Care / 19 October 2017

Safeguarding Your Equipment

Taking your instruments overseas can seem like a lot of work, despite the reward. Give your instruments the care they deserve so you both make it back in one piece. Here are a few things to think about before your trip:

Under the sun

Whether you’re heading out to a hotter or colder climate, you’ll need to remember that your instruments will require as much time and effort as you to acclimatize to their new surroundings. Extreme environments of any kind (hot, cold, humid, or dry) can cause materials such as wood to expand and contract, which could lead to cracks, warped necks, and bridges pulling off of your acoustic guitars.

Your case acts as insulation against heat, or a coat in the cold. If you take your guitar out of the hot trunk in your car, and straight into an air conditioned venue, leaving it in the case will allow the instrument to acclimatize slowly. That will be your instrument’s literal warm-up routine!

Direct security

Your chances of random luggage inspections will increase with more instruments you check or carry on for your flight. Security officers don’t always treat your instruments with care, so before they get in and mess with your gear, consider giving them a hand.

Prepare a note with clear and concise written instructions explaining what the instrument is, and how it should and definitely shouldn’t be handled. That’ll increase the odds that your instruments will be handled in a way you’d prefer.

Loosen up

Before traveling, loosen your instruments’ strings a little. Fully tuned strings can put over 140 pounds of pressure on the neck of the guitar. By loosening the strings and relieving the pressure on your guitar’s neck, they are less likely to be damaged in a fall or experience any warping when changing climates.


Most musicians use and recommend Velcro to keep their cables organized and tidy on the go. Avoid having to panic search every pocket by keeping your instrument’s essentials close at hand and all in one place. MONO’s accessory cases will have you covered, no matter what or how much of whatever that is you’re carrying.

Stay covered

Speaking directly to your insurer will give you a better understanding of your requirements. There are different policies available for different instruments, including customizable packages that cover your instruments and yourself depending on your destination.

Loss, damage, wear and tear are eventualities nobody plans for, but travelling with peace of mind is one double-check, call, or email away. Check your policy now; is it up to date with all your latest purchases? Don’t just say yes, check it!

Be home and dry

Your instruments have taken a beating on stage, and like you, they will need some well-deserved respite, especially in storage! Be mindful of the cracks, expansions, and warps that could seriously damage your instruments, especially in wet and dry environments.

Check up on the humidity of your destination before your travels to ensure you’re fully equipped for longer stays. A humidifier, or a dehumidifier, will aid your instruments recuperate before they’re ready to go again!

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