Life On The Road

Jordi Mestre and the MONO Vertigo at the mountain peak
#Life On The Road / 9 December 2020

Soul Mountain: Music at the mountain peak

How far would you take your music with you? For one artist, only the top of the world will do. Read more

Jose Rios Free Nationals with his MONO Stealth Guitar Case
#Life On The Road / 24 November 2020

Free Nationals’ Jose Rios talks Fortnite, Anderson .Paak and the future of funk

Hailing from sunny San Diego, Jose Rios has been involved in the Cali music scene for a better part of 15 years now. Read more

#Life On The Road / 11 October 2020

James Norbert Ivanyi talks prog rock, guitar and his upcoming album Omen Faustum

Australia’s very own James Norbert Ivanyi is well known for his uncanny virtuosity on the electric guitar. Hailing from sunny Sydney, James wears many different hats as a multi-instrumentalist, teacher, and music producer in addition to being a prolific performer. With three albums under his belt and another one releasing… Read more

Australian guitarist Adam Miller
#Life On The Road / 29 July 2020

Adam Miller talks guitars, moving to LA and upcoming album UNIFY

Adam Miller’s latest album, UNIFY, comes out 7th August, 2020. We talk to Adam about guitars, moving to LA and what we can expect from the new record. Read more

#Life On The Road / 29 June 2020

Asher Belsky talks Crossroads Festival, Gibson’s G3, and Debut Single

Not many 15 year olds can say they’ve performed at a prestigious festival or are endorsed by a major guitar brand, but Asher Belsky has already done it all proving that sometimes age is just a number and real musicality is simply undeniable. To date, Asher has shared the stage… Read more

#Life On The Road / 3 March 2020

Adam Blackstone and Brian Frasier-Moore talk Super Bowl 2020, gear and more

The year may have only just begun, but last month, we witnessed what will be one of the largest televised musical events of 2020 — the Super Bowl 54 Pepsi halftime show starring Shakira and Jennifer Lopez. The BASSic Black Entertainment (BBE) All-Stars band, led by renowned producer and music… Read more

#Life On The Road / 27 June 2019

Report from the road: Sweetwater GearFest 2019

Today our blog post is a report from the road, from Jason Martin, MONO Artist Relations and Partnerships. If you haven’t experienced Sweetwater GearFest, put it on your “to do” list. There’s a plethora of activities for every musician and music lover to enjoy (even the little kids loved going down the… Read more

#Life On The Road / 31 January 2019

Justin Butler talks Nashville, Pedal Mods and Vintage Amps

Meet the guitarist and founder of Thru-Tone FX. Read more

#Life On The Road / 23 January 2019

Kasey Todd on Drumming Influences, Versatility and What’s in the bag

Drumming since the age of two. Read more

#Life On The Road / 11 January 2019

Page Hamilton on Heroes, Compositions and Work Habits

Meet the man behind Helmet. Read more

#Life On The Road / 5 January 2019

Funk Band Lettuce talk Beginnings, Pre-gig Rituals and MONO Love

Tossing heads since 1992. Read more

#Life On The Road / 19 December 2018

SWIMM talks Love You Down, Music, and Los Angeles.

DIY shows, good vibes, and a lot of dancing. Read more