Life On The Road

#Life On The Road / 19 December 2018

SWIMM talks Love You Down, Music, and Los Angeles.

SWIMM are a Los Angeles’ based indie psych-pop band with a loyal following, comprising of vocalist Chris Hess and percussionist Adam Winn. They first met in Florida and moved to the sunny west coast which they now call home. Their addictive, tropical beats have earned them legions of fans around… Read more

#Life On The Road / 28 November 2018

Alex Kane talks Guitar Design, his Pulse MIDI Stratocaster, and meeting PRS

MONO fans and users span across a broad spectrum, from hobbyist and creators to the professional touring artist. We’ve had the privilege of speaking to many all over the world. But it’s not often we come across a creator like Alex Kane. He calls himself a musician first and foremost,… Read more

#Life On The Road / 21 November 2018

Stein Malvey on The Four Freshmen, Led Zeppelin and Gear

The Four Freshmen started out as a barbershop quartet, harmonizing, touring and recording since 1948. For 70 years, The Four Freshmen has seen 22 members work in the group since its original lineup. Stein Malvey is one of the members of its latest incarnation. Stein sings second tenor and plays… Read more

#Life On The Road / 14 November 2018

Dahm Majuri Cipolla talks Drumming, Influences and Gear

After Hours ‘18 Festival, Shanghai – for the first time in its 19 year history, MONO of Japan took the stage with a new member. He is Dahm Majuri Cipolla, a New York-based multi-instrumentalist, and he’s MONO’s new drummer. Filling a role that has been occupied for nearly two decades is… Read more

#Life On The Road / 16 October 2018

Kyle Daniel on Guitar Influences, 2018 and What’s In The Bag

Labeled by Rolling Stone as one of ten new country artists you need to know, Kyle Daniel is no stranger to musical accolades. At the tender age of 16, young Daniel won the Southern Kentucky Blues Society Blues Challenge. Considering he first picked up the guitar at 14, it was… Read more

#Life On The Road / 3 October 2018

What’s in the Bag: Brian Rashap

Touring the world and bashing out the best music for hoards of traveling fans night after night is no simple feat. Musicians practice and dedicate their lives to bringing their A-game to the stage. But behind the lights, glamor, and fame, is a lone man whose one job is to… Read more

#Life On The Road / 19 September 2018

Harmoni Kelley talks Touring, David Bowie and Bass Guitars.

Growing up with a guitar playing dad and constantly surrounded by music, Harmoni has lived up to her name in style. It wasn’t until age 17 when she picked up her first instrument – the bass guitar – so she considers herself somewhat of a late bloomer. But that hasn’t… Read more

#Life On The Road /

Adam Korsvik talks Slide Guitar, Teaching and Tom Leadon

Pass any seasoned guitarist an empty beer bottle and ask them to play a tune with it. You'd soon realise it's as good as starting from zero again – so it's no wonder slide guitarists are unanimously admired among the communities. "It's a totally different animal," says Adam Korsvik. The… Read more

Carlos 'Loki' Cofino
#Life On The Road / 13 September 2018

Carlos ‘Loki’ Cofino of Michale Graves talks influences, Jerry Cantrell and Ernie Ball Music Man Guitars

Since picking up the guitar at age 15, it’s been all upward trajectory for Carlos ‘Loki’ Cofino. Starting out playing in underground punk and metal bands, Loki now finds himself the guitarist of the ex-Misfits frontman Michale Graves. Their connection goes back to the early 2000s, starting as a guitar… Read more

#Life On The Road / 29 August 2018

Flávio Silva Talks Jazz in Brazil, his Favorite Guitar and Victor Wooten

Brazil we know for its rich culture and a truly diverse and dynamic music scene. It has become a hotbed for music innovation and we've seen a new generation of musicians and composers emerge out to the global stage. One of them is Flávio Silva. A jazz guitarist and composer,… Read more

#Life On The Road / 22 August 2018

Stu Cook of Creedence Clearwater Revival Talks Nostalgia, Touring and Achievements

To be a cornerstone of a band that produced hit after hit from the late 60s to the 70s and widely regarded as one of the quintessential classic rock bands of their generation is no mean feat. Stu Cook has been with Creedence Clearwater Revival right from the start. A… Read more

#Life On The Road / 15 August 2018

Charlie Starr of Blackberry Smoke Talks Life on the Road, Collaborations and Vintage Gear

With 18 years of experience up their sleeves, 6 studio album releases and an average of 250 shows a year, Blackberry Smoke is showing no signs of slowing down. They've had a fair share of accolades as well - Rolling Stone once labeled them responsible for the revival of Southern… Read more