Life On The Road / 27 June 2019

Report from the road: Sweetwater GearFest 2019

Today our blog post is a report from the road, from Jason Martin, MONO Artist Relations and Partnerships.

If you haven’t experienced Sweetwater GearFest, put it on your “to do” list. There’s a plethora of activities for every musician and music lover to enjoy (even the little kids loved going down the twisty slide in the main building). 

While MONO’s been repping at GearFest for years, this  was my first chance to attend and I didn’t know what to expect. Attending as the representative for MONO, I figured I would have a good time interacting with customers while trying to sneak in an artist performance here and there. But I have to tell you – even after being a part of the MONO team for years, I am still humbled by how users view our cases and appreciate what we do.

Like at any trade show or event,  I turned up ready to show off our wares and explain why our products are used by so many professionals. I was ready to share the many stories I’ve heard firsthand about how our cases literally saved an instrument or gig.

Our booth at GearFest 2019. Note from the correspondent: Excuse the lack of photos – I was too busy chatting with all the awesome visitors to snap any more!

But instead, I was blown away at the number of users who purposefully sought me out to simply tell me how much they loved our gear (and of course, they also stopped by to take advantage of the amazing deals offered during GearFest to add one more MONO piece to their collection!).

They recounted their own tales of how using our products had helped them be a better musician. Young and old, beginner and professional, struggling artists and those who have found a working niche in their hometown. One after another they shared their stories, often connecting on common ground and commiserating on mutual woes, regardless of whether they’d met before or not. At GearFest, we were all united by being musicians – we all understood each other.

This is why I have made music my home. Whether it’s creating it (I’m a drummer), listening to it, or helping others make it, I can’t think of a better way to live. Music brings us together, reminds us of special moments and helps us get through tough times — Sweetwater’s GearFest is a part of that culture.

Whether it’s to see some of the best clinicians on the planet perform, meet new musicians for possible collaboration, or to take advantage of the amazing deals offered during the weekend, Sweetwater’s GearFest should be experienced by every musician at least once.

I was grateful to be there representing a company that brings so many together in their pursuit of making music. MONO users are part of a large family of musicians who are serious about their craft regardless of ability or experience. This weekend reminded me once again that MONO users don’t “like” our gear —they love it.

If you missed out on meeting Jason at  Sweetwater GearFest, check out his interview with at Winter NAMM 2019 earlier this year, and get the scoop on our latest M80 Jumbo Acoustic Case.

Jason chats with about the new M80 Jumbo Acoustic

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