Life On The Road / 19 August 2022

Here and Now Tour 2022: Backstage with Harmoni Kelley

Ever wondered what it’s like to be out on the road? Harmoni Kelley shows us what goes on behind the scenes as a touring musician.

Originally from Austin, Texas, Harmoni is a nationally touring bassist and is now currently playing for country singer-songwriter, Kenny Chesney

Harmoni Kelley rocking it out at Kenny Chesney’s Pittsburgh, PA show
Credit: Harmoni Kelley

Harmoni shares the post-show rundown of every show on her Instagram and according to her, Pittsburgh always has a special place in her heart. She talks about how concert-goers were lined up for days just to get the best spot during the show. Now that’s dedication.

I think Denver is certainly in the top three of the tour so far. The crowd was on fire!

Harmoni Kelley
Harmoni Kelley at Kenny Chesney’s Denver, CO show
Credit: Harmoni Kelley

Another memorable venue was Empower Field in Denver, CO which seats at least 60,000. For many, being on stage in front of a sea of people can be an unnerving experience, but this hardly seems to be the case for Harmoni who remembers the Denver tour stop as one of her top three stages. We can only imagine the atmosphere in that arena – it must’ve been surreal. Nothing greater than the musical energy you put out coming right back at you at full speed.

Harmoni Kelley posing with her main axe in St. Louis, MO
Credit: Harmoni Kelley

Watch our Artist Vlog below to catch Harmoni in action as she takes her Classic FlyBy across the US.

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