Life On The Road / 17 June 2022

The Oscars & GRAMMYs: Backstage with Adam Blackstone

In case you missed it, Emmy-nominated Music Director and Grammy award-winning writer, Adam Blackstone takes us to rehearsals and the red carpet at The Oscars and GRAMMYs.

Adam Blackstone in the GRAMMYs rehearsals
Credit: By C’est La Zee

This man is no stranger to the world of award shows. Adam, who is also a MONO artist, has worked with countless industry greats and that alone is a testament to his mastery of musical knowledge and its application across countless styles and genres.

John Legend and Adam Blackstone at The Oscars 2022
Credit: By C’est La Zee

Watch the Instagram Reel below to check out some exclusive behind-the-scenes footage at The Oscars and GRAMMYs, as well as a special guest appearance by the one and only John Legend.

Make sure to follow Adam Blackstone on Instagram for more footage of his life on some of the most prestigious musical stages in the world. 

For more stories like this, check out the MONO blog here. Check out all our other artist features here.

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