Equipment Care / 21 April 2017

How To Store Your Guitar In Different Climates

MONO gear gets around.

The guitarists we create for are from pretty much anywhere. But whether you find yourself in blistering cold, tropical humid climates, or something in between, there’s a whole host of conditions out there that your guitar may not thrive in.

Damage to your beloved axe can be costly. And soul destroying. But as with most things, prevention (aka: correctly storing your guitar) is the best cure.

Read on.

The basics.

Extreme hot, cold, humidity and dust.

These are the conditions to watch. Wood is prone to expand in heat and humidity and contract in cold, dry conditions – which can be a disaster for your guitar.

Generally speaking, you don’t need top of the line climate control to keep your guitar at its best around your house. Humidifiers will work well in harsh winters, and dehumidifiers should do the trick in sweltering summers. A good rule of thumb is that the ‘sweet spot’ for guitar storage is 70 degrees Fahrenheit (or just over), with humidity at around 45 and 50 per cent.

Keep it in the case.

The guitar’s original case is a good option, but if you’re in the market for a good quality case, check out the Vertigo by yours truly.  And when you’re storing the whole kit, keep your gear well away from any radiators, draft doors or air vents.

Pro tip: Before you store, it’s always a good idea to release string tension on guitars and other stringed instruments in order to prevent breaking any strings and warping the neck.

Thinking long-term.

If you’re putting your gear into long-term storage, make sure you check with the staff that it’s climate-controlled, and double-check if you’re unsure about anything.

Long live your guitar.


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