Things We Love / 15 January 2023

Stereo and ampless pedalboard setup for the studio

Being a fan of smaller pedalboard setups and all things modular, Riggs Taylor tells us why he has now changed his mind. Bigger is better!

In his 20-minute rundown, Riggs breaks down the entire signal chain on his Pedalboard Medium and explains what each pedal does. Keeping every recording scenario in mind, Riggs built a Swiss Army Knife of pedalboards. This #monopfx is capable of running multiple setups – mono, stereo, and ampless – while still sounding good. Some standout pedals include the UAFX Dream which provides all of Riggs’ amp tones, while the Strymon Flint, El Capistan, and Source Audio Collider cover all time-based effects. Pretty much all you need for any gig.

If you have aspirations to deck out your own pedalboard, we think this video is a good place to start.

Skip to 13:26 for the full in-depth demo of each pedal. We can’t get enough of the tone!

Check out the Pedalboard Small that Riggs Taylor uses here.

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