Product / 26 October 2021

Introducing the M80 Classic Dual Semi-Hollow/Electric Guitar Case

A new dual case experience has arrived. Say hello to the M80 Classic Dual Semi-Hollow/Electric Guitar Case.

Having a second guitar on hand is always ideal on stage or in the studio,  but in transit, carrying two guitars has always been a necessary evil. 

We set out to design an elegant solution to this problem that would offer each guitar the same protection as our single M80 hybrid cases.  Since then, our wildly popular M80 dual cases have helped strike the balance between having variety and portability for musicians worldwide.  

Your favorite semi-hollow guitar in the front. Photo Credit: Edge of Breakup

Now,  after countless requests, we’re proud to offer our M80 Dual Case for the guitarists out there who love their semi-hollows as much as their solid body guitars.

The Case for Two 

Is it worth carrying two guitars to every show or studio call? Here are some of the pros and cons of doing so:


  • Having a backup. You may lose a string on stage from those crazy bends – accidents happen!
  • Being ready for any genre at the drop of a hat. Most guitarists think this is just a matter of personal preference, but there are situations where a specific guitar is simply the better stylistic option. 
  • Having more to inspire you. Each guitar has its own tone and feel. Stay inspired by having multiple options on hand. Now, you can have a humbucker-loaded semi-hollow guitar and your favorite single coil solid body with you at all times for vastly different tones.
Your favorite solid body guitar in the back. Photo Credit: Edge of Breakup


  • Carrying the extra weight may not be worth it all the time. Thankfully, our dual cases are built to be as lightweight as possible without compromising on protection. The latest M80 Classic Dual Semi-Hollow/Electric Guitar Case, for example, weighs less than 8lbs and can hold one guitar if that’s all you need on some days.
The same durability and quality that we stand by. Go Play. Photo Credit: Edge of Breakup

Bring your performance to the next level with our M80 Classic Dual cases, now available in a Semi-Hollow/Electric Guitar configuration. With this lightweight and durable carry, you can worry less about tonal options and focus on performing your best.

So what are you waiting for?

Go Play.

All photography by Edge of Breakup

Check out the MONO Classic Dual Semi-Hollow/Electric Guitar Case online or at your nearest retailer.

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