Product / 19 November 2021

The Vertigo Ultra Electric vs. The Vertigo Electric

What distinguishes the M80 Vertigo Ultra Electric Guitar Case from the original Vertigo Electric?

The original Vertigo revolutionized the way creators traveled with guitars worldwide. When we imagined the next iteration of the Vertigo, we knew it wouldn’t be to replace the iconic original that we all know and love — instead, we wanted to push the Vertigo’s boundaries for the player who is looking for maximum comfort and durability.

Now, the Vertigo Ultra Electric amplifies the original Vertigo concept with a range of ultra-premium design upgrades, including a new patent-pending attachable Freeride™ Wheel System, water-resistant and reflective materials, shockproof gear protection, and improved ergonomic features. A game-changer for the musician on the go.

So what upgrades did we make to bring the Vertigo Ultra Electric to the next level? Here’s a quick breakdown of what to expect.

The Freeride™ Wheel System

A key highlight of the Vertigo Ultra Electric is its compatibility with our new Freeride™ Wheel System.

Carrying a FlyBy backpack? Roll your Vertigo Ultra Electric instead.

This detachable accessory comes with the Vertigo Ultra Electric and allows for wheels to be attached in seconds, giving you the option to pull your instrument along without the weight on your back and shoulders.

All the mobility, none of the weight. 

A functional and stylish new outer shell

Like the FlyBy Ultra, the Vertigo Ultra Electric sports a new water-resistant 1680D Ballistic Nylon outer shell that features sleek reflective trim across the front 

A closer look at the 1680D Ballistic Nylon outer shell.

The super durable 1680D Ballistic Nylon is a tough synthetic fabric (no animal products here) that delivers a whole new level of abrasion and tear resistance to the top-loading Vertigo experience.

For many musicians, traveling at night or navigating a dark backstage comes with the job. The Vertigo Ultra’s in-built reflective panels ensure you and your belongings remain visible no matter where you are. 

The M80 Vertigo Ultra’s reflective trim allows for maximum backstage visibility.

Don’t believe us? Try flashing a light source at it.

New ergonomic features

Worry less when you next hit the road. The Vertigo Ultra Electric’s new shockproof shell structure and heavy-duty water-resistant zippers provide all-round protection no matter where you are.

The Headlock® neck suspension system provides a natural fit for your guitar’s neck.

On the inside, the Headlock® neck suspension system ensures your guitar stays in place while the plush inner lining prevents scuffs and scratches.

Shouldering the M80 Vertigo Ultra Electric just got easier.

On the back, we’ve added additional back support and load-lifting detachable shoulder straps with side release buckles for added flexibility and maximum comfort.

Your guitar has never felt this light.

TL;DR? Here’s a quick table summarizing the features of the Vertigo Ultra Electric versus the Vertigo Electric.

FeaturesM80 Vertigo Electric Guitar CaseM80 Vertigo Ultra Electric Guitar Case
Outer shell materialYesYes
The Boot®YesYes
Top LoadingYesYes
Tick ReadyYesYes
Hard-wearing Sole & Riveted HandleYesYes
Reflective TrimYes
Freeride™ Wheel SystemYes
Shockproof shell structureYes
Ergonomic featuresChest strap, adjustable shoulder strapsChest strap, back support, load-lifting detachable shoulder straps with side release buckles
Storage spaceFront pocket with mesh compartmentFront pocket with mesh compartment and laptop compartment, top pocket for smaller valuables, overall more organization space

For those looking for a simpler solution, the Vertigo is still a capable roadworthy, and time-tested option.

But for those who want a full-featured experience, we’ve got you covered.

Check out the M80 Vertigo and the M80 Vertigo Ultra Electric online or at your nearest retailer.

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