Product / 26 September 2020

Pedalboard Carbon: The flat board of the future

MONO Pedalboard Carbon

Say hello to the future of the flat pedalboard — and it’s built from carbon fiber.

In many ways, the Pedalboard Carbon challenges the way you think pedalboards should look and feel like. Revealed earlier this year at NAMM 2020, the Pedalboard Carbon was designed from the ground up. Everything down to the board’s handles and feet have been custom-machined to bring this sleek, yet ergonomic and functional design to life.

We break down some of our favorite design elements and features here and why flat pedalboards might be the solution you need. 

Why carbon fiber?

The base of the Pedalboard Carbon, Small

Like all musicians, we expect our pedalboards to hold up to constant use. With a 100% carbon fiber platform, the Pedalboard Carbon displays excellent strength to weight ratio and serious toughness.

Carbon fiber is also incredibly corrosion-resistant, ensuring that your board remains sleek and rust free throughout its lifetime.

Did we also mention how good it looks?

Should I use a flat pedalboard?

Flat boards get a bad rap for being clunky with hard-to-reach spots. Without an inclined surface, it can be challenging to toggle back-row pedals on and off. 

The beauty of the flat board however lies in its functionality during the build process. If you’re the type of musician that enjoys swapping out new cables and new effects, then the flat board may be the format for you.

Here are our top reasons to pick a flat board over an angled one.

  1. Easy Access

MONO Pedalboard Carbon with Red Panda Tensor
With a flat board, you can track where every cable leads with ease.

Never underestimate this. Pedals and patch cables (especially solderless ones) can fail.

Being able to troubleshoot and locate a faulty piece of gear is far easier when all of your cabling and board components (pedals, power, junction boxes, etc.) exist side by side on the same surface.

  1. Maximum customizability

MONO Pedalboard Carbon with pedals
Pure routing freedom.

Optimize your workflow and pedal layout.

With cables running above-board, you have the freedom to route your pedals however you want. 

  1. MIDI-friendly
MONO Pedalboard Carbon
Traditional 5 pin MIDI plugs can sometimes make routing challenging.

5 pin MIDI cables are notoriously cumbersome to deal with. Use a flat board to avoid forcing your MIDI cables through tight rails or slots and let your cables run its course above-board.

If you’re already using a MIDI controller or are planning to invest in one, then this will eliminate the need to constantly access back-row pedals.

Pedalboard Carbon Features

What sets the Pedalboard Carbon apart? These are some of the key features you can look forward to if you’re looking for your next flat pedalboard.

The same protection, and more

Each Pedalboard Carbon comes with their own MONO case

Every Pedalboard Carbon comes with its accompanying MONO pedalboard case. These cases provide you with a balance of durability, protection and portability.

Foam inserts ensure your Pedalboard Carbon doesn’t move around. They also create storage space.

We’ve also designed new plush-lined, hi-density foam inserts to make sure your Pedalboard Carbon remains snug inside its case.

Use them to prop your board up for a better fit and extra storage underneath, or line the sides of the case. The choice is yours.

MONO through and through

The Pedalboard Rise and Rise+ are a great way to elevate your pedals while keeping your setup sleek.

Just like our angled pedalboards, the Pedalboard Carbon comes in the same three iconic MONO pedalboard sizes: Small, Medium, Large and work well with our pedalboard accessories like the Pedalboard Rise and Rise+.

Do note that the handles and bumpers take up a little bit of real estate on the Pedalboard Carbon. Size up accordingly if you’re planning to run a fully-loaded workstation.

A design-driven experience

A fully custom experience.

The handles are made from custom anodized aluminum handles for a comfortable yet firm grip and the rubber side bumpers keep your board safe from bumps and knocks.

These bumpers also act as feet to keep your pedals elevated off the ground and away from moisture damage.

MONO Pedalboard Carbon Large
The Pedalboard Carbon Large

The Pedalboard Carbon is available exclusively online now. Check them out here for the full specs and more.

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