Product / 16 October 2020

Protecting your parlor guitar

Congratulations. You’ve played countless acoustics and you’ve finally found your voice with the Parlor guitar – and what a voice it is.  Warm, resonant, and intimate, these diminutive guitars have soulful tones that have defined many iconic blues, folk, and jazz records.

With a history that dates back all the way to the 1800’s, Parlor guitars have a remarkable heritage. Their balanced tone, mid-range projection, and portability have played a huge part in their longevity as a standard acoustic shape. While their small size and light weight makes them great for touring, carrying a Parlor guitar everywhere in a hard case may not be the most convenient method out there. 

Ever since we started making guitar cases, we’ve received many requests to release a case that incorporates the protective qualities of a traditional hardshell case with the ergonomics and features that only a MONO can offer.

So we did. 

Presenting the Classic Acoustic Parlor Guitar Case

Parlor Guitar
A perfect parlor fit

Built on the feedback of working musicians and our 360° Protection philosophy, the Classic Acoustic Parlor Guitar Case is the ultimate carry for your Parlor. You can rest easy knowing that your precious Parlor is safe from harm no matter what the stressors are.

Protecting your parlor

Parlor Guitar
Our iconic neck bracing system – the Headlock®.

Our patented Headlock® design provides a level of protection that your Parlor acoustic will thank you for. With your guitar strapped in and its headstock safely suspended, your guitar will be protected from any neck-snapping impact.

Plush lining protects your guitar’s delicate finish while a thick layer of high-density padding cocoons your guitar snugly. Even vertical drops are mitigated by the high-density foam bumpers under the lower bout of the guitar. These bumpers also prevent any strap pin related damage.

Additionally, a water-resistant Sharkskin™ outer shell shields your instrument from rain or splashes – protecting your Parlor from water damage during transit. 

Your parlor and more

Parlor Guitar
The Classic Acoustic Parlor Guitar Case offers storage-galore.

We build our cases to have abundant storage space for all your touring and gigging needs and the Classic Acoustic Parlor Guitar Case is no different. The front pocket has ample space for larger items like cables, accessories, electronics and even stomp boxes. There’s even a hidden upper pocket to conceal your valuables.

If the built-in pockets aren’t enough, the Classic Acoustic Parlor Guitar Case has triple D-rings that serve as the point of attachment for the Classic Tick Accessory Case – an ideal storage expander for any additional gear you might need to bring along.

Built to last

Parlor Guitar
Our cases are weather-proof to keep your guitars safe from the elements.

We take pride in using the most durable materials in the construction of our cases. Like all our products, industrial webbing handles come standard on our parlor case. Our handles and shoulder straps are also bar-tack stitched and reinforced with steel rivets. This exponentially strengthens the high-use contact points of all our cases.

Our Parlor Guitar Case also features piping and soles made from Hypalon – a military grade industrial rubber that simply does not wear out.

With all these features, we think the MONO Classic Acoustic Parlor Guitar Case is the ultimate grab-and-go carry for your Parlor acoustic. Now what are you waiting for? 

Go Play. 

Check out the MONO Classic Acoustic Parlor Guitar Case online or at your nearest retailer.

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