Product / 13 April 2017

What is MONO Sharkskin?

Here at MONO we’re always happy to chat about what goes in to our gear. So it’s no surprise we get a few questions from passionate musicians about our Sharkskin products. 

But there’s a twist. Despite what the name may imply, MONO Sharkskin contains no actual shark skin.

It turns out that ‘sharkskin’ as a name for fabric was first used in the 1950’s to describe a combination of mohair, wool and silk, deriving the name from its smooth texture, a result of its two-toned woven appearance. In later years the original 50’s blend was updated with a synthetic variant combining some of the natural materials with artificial fibres to create a similar fabric that was more cost-effective and more durable.

Fast forward to the current day and we have regenerated Sharkskin to create the perfect outer-shell for our cases.

To us Sharkskin is the perfect name to describe the qualities and functions of MONO case fabric. Sharkskin is a guarantee of a rugged and sleek product. Durability, flexibility and quality are at the core of MONO designs. Our exact specifications are a well guarded secret, however we can tell you that MONO Sharkskin is created using a durable weft of man-made polymers, selected for their fine and lightweight texture. Of course, fabric composition is only the start of making a great bag, from there we consider the coating, finishing process and even the backing as an integral part of offering a product we stand behind with our lifetime warranty.

Sharkskin’s durability and lightweight texture makes it a perfect alternative to leather, and in turn is an ideal material for guitar straps and cases. It’s water-resistant, and when combined with our other industrial quality features such as our riveted handles and double zippers; MONO cases can withstand years of daily use.

Check out one of our most popular Sharkskin products here.

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