What You Need To Know About Drum Cases

As passionate musicians, we’re always looking for ways to stay up to date and informed about the best ways to care for our instruments. Today, it’s all about drums. When it comes to storing and travelling with these sometimes cumbersome pieces of equipment, there’s some basic information which we think… Read more


What’s The Best Guitar Strap For You?

A guitar can be a big investment, as is the gear you get to go with it. Among these, a decent strap is crucial if you want to get the best from your instrument, so what’s the best type to go with? If you’re playing live regularly or on your… Read more


Travel Light and Safe with MONO Ukulele Cases

The right case for your Uke. The Ukulele certainly gets around. From jamming beachside to strumming centre stage, it’s a crowd favorite wherever it goes with its unmistakable summery vibe. Your uke deserves safe transportation. That’s why we created the M80 Ukulele Tenor and the Ukelele Concert/Soprano cases. Here’s what… Read more


Treat your Bass to a MONO Case

The MONO M80 Series Bass Cases are rugged. Lightweight. Built to last. Thanks to some seriously smart design, travelling with your bass is easier and safer than ever. Read on for a closer inspection. 1. Vertigo Electric Bass At MONO, we take bass protection pretty seriously. So we’ll never get… Read more


Calling All Digital Creators to the MONO EFX Series

Quality DJ gear isn’t cheap. So naturally, when you’re travelling to gigs, packing and unpacking, it’s important to keep your equipment as safe as possible. The MONO EFX Series is here to help. It’s a versatile collection of packs and bags that feature designs optimised for digital creators who are… Read more


Make Touring a Breeze with MONO

Travelling can be a tough gig. Always moving, always packing up gear. That’s why our cases are durable, comfortable and highly protective. But this design extends to more than just our instruments. Like our guitar and drum cases, MONO products are made from materials built for extreme resistance to abrasion and… Read more


How The MONO Tick Makes Your Life Easier

Latching onto your guitar bag like it was always meant to be there, the Tick™ is a detachable case designed to give you extra storage space – without the hassle of carrying another bag. To break it down, here are three ways the Tick makes a musician’s life easier. It’s… Read more


Taking Care of Your Drums with MONO

It’s a fact of life for every drummer - carting around the kit can be a hassle. That’s why we created the M80 Series Drum Cases - to make your job a little easier, and keep your drums safe. Here’s the breakdown on what you can expect from each case.… Read more


MONO Straps Give Your Guitar The Support it Deserves

Made with indestructible materials, lightweight construction and smart features, our MONO straps have been designed to support you and your guitar as you play. Given a tough run by musicians everywhere, here’s a look at our three styles. 1. The Betty With its wide wale design and thin memory-foam core,… Read more


Deconstructing the Vertigo Boot

We could ramble on for days about the Vertigo’s many awesome features. With that in mind, let’s start with the Boot. It goes without saying that your guitar needs protection – from the base up. Here are four ways the Boot does just that. 1. Advanced sneaker technology We can’t… Read more


What is MONO Sharkskin?

Here at MONO we're always happy to chat about what goes in to our gear. So it's no surprise we get a few questions from passionate musicians about our Sharkskin products.  But there's a twist. Despite what the name may imply, MONO Sharkskin contains no actual shark skin. It turns out that 'sharkskin' as a… Read more

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Can a Gigbag Really Keep Your Guitar Safe?

If you’ve ever experienced the horror of opening a case to find a wounded instrument inside, you know how important it is to trust in whatever protective place you store your guitar. A great case gives you confidence and peace of mind, secure in your knowledge that your prized possession… Read more