Product / 7 July 2017

Calling All Digital Creators to the MONO EFX Series

Quality DJ gear isn’t cheap. So naturally, when you’re travelling to gigs, packing and unpacking, it’s important to keep your equipment as safe as possible.

The MONO EFX Series is here to help. It’s a versatile collection of packs and bags that feature designs optimised for digital creators who are on the move.

Let’s take a closer look.

1. 365 DJ Pack

Bomb-proof construction. Smart interior storage. Freestanding design. The 365 truly is our mothership, with ample storage spaces for laptops, controllers and other essentials. It also features adjustable shoulder straps and mesh pads, for that extra level of comfort.

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2. Flyby

Featuring a stand-up design and detachable laptop bag, the Flyby is the ultimate two-in-one travel bag. With enough space to fit all your essential DJ gear, plus military-grade exterior padding, this bag is prepped for the challenges of life on tour.

3. Kondensor

Tight crowds and bulky backpacks don’t mix well in the clubs. Designed specifically for DJ’s, the Kondensor has a slim profile with a deceptive amount of smart storage space. You might be packing a Serato rig and a couple of 17-inch laptops, but it won’t look like it (or feel like it).

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4. Kontroller

We get that travelling with your sound is just as important as creating it. The Kontroller is the ultimate messenger bag, with a main compartment deep enough to fit the likes of a Traktor S4. Featuring a built-in shoulder strap and protective foam bumpers, this rugged bag is ready to go.

5. Producer

Made with everyone from the the headlining DJ to the travelling audiophile in mind, the Producer is a shape-shifting messenger bag designed to adapt to your needs. While the customisable interior packs some serious capacity, the horizontal orientation makes it the ideal carry-on bag.

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6. Fader

We might create gear designed for a digital world, but we’ve always had a soft spot for analogue. The Fader is a compact bag designed for the professional turntablist, featuring an integrated padded laptop sleeve within a structured record bag. With plenty of space for your laptop and records, the Fader seamlessly accommodates your digital gear with the tools of the good old days.

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