Product / 14 June 2017

Taking Care of Your Drums with MONO

It’s a fact of life for every drummer – carting around the kit can be a hassle. That’s why we created the M80 Series Drum Cases – to make your job a little easier, and keep your drums safe.

Here’s the breakdown on what you can expect from each case.

  1. Cymbal Case

A cracked cymbal can be a real heartbreaker. So to prevent tragedy, we designed our Cymbal Case with a hard-wearing sole made of Hypalon, as well as The Boot – a contoured ABS panel that keeps your cymbals stable and resting above the padded base.

On the inside you’ll find five, highly protective slots for each cymbal. It can be carried, or worn as a backpack. And if Black isn’t your shade, It also comes in Ash Grey.

  1. Snare Case

From the studio to the stage, your snare drum plays a massive role in defining your sound. You may well have a selection of them, but instead of creating multiple cases, we’ve designed one that works for almost any snare.

Equipped with a series of diameter and depth adjustment spacers, it’s instantly customisable to the snare you choose. Plus, with an industrial rubber sole and 360 degrees impact protection – it knows how to take a hit.

  1. Drum Pedal Bag

Whether you kick with speed and power or bounce and feel, your drum pedal is the driving force behind your sound. It’s an extension of your body and kit, so it goes without saying it’s worth looking after.

Our Pedal Bag is sleek and flexible, featuring a removable tool box to use in single pedal mode, or take out and carry if you’re a double pedal drummer. It’s also loaded with smart storage features and utilitarian protection. Put simply, it’s good to go.

  1. Studio Stick Bag

Our Studio Stick Bag is designed to be as versatile as your drumming chops. So whether you’re travelling with a stack of 5Bs, brushes, or bundle sticks – we’ve got you covered. This slim yet rugged bag comfortably holds about ten pairs of sticks.

  1. Shogun Stick Bag

Slimmer and lighter than our Studio Stick Bag, yet equally as durable, the Shogun is all about the essentials. Equipped to carry three to five pairs of sticks, this stealthy, top-opening bag is designed to hang off your floor tom or snare stand.

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