Product / 20 July 2017

Treat your Bass to a MONO Case

The MONO M80 Series Bass Cases are rugged. Lightweight. Built to last. Thanks to some seriously smart design, travelling with your bass is easier and safer than ever.

Read on for a closer inspection.

1. Vertigo Electric Bass

At MONO, we take bass protection pretty seriously. So we’ll never get tired of talking up the Vertigo. With a top-loading design, Headlock neck suspension system, and drop-proof Boot technology – this case is as safe as it gets. We’ve got it in Ash Grey too.

Like all M80 cases, it’s also equipped for the MONO Tick, and features in-built storage compartments for all those touring essentials.

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2. Single Electric Bass

Light and tough. It’s the perfect combination – especially when it comes to carrying your bass. Like the Vertigo, this hybrid case features our classic Headlock design, making sure your bass is secure and stabilized during transit. With integrated ABS panels and a reinforced outer shell, the Single Electric Bass case delivers hard case protection without weighing you down.

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3. Dual Electric Bass

On stage or in the studio, sometimes one bass just isn’t enough. But when it comes to travelling, lugging two guitars around can be a mission. So we set out to solve this issue. The result? A two-in-one bag featuring our innovative Z-form design. Essentially, this ‘zigzag’ structure creates a completely separate – yet equally protective – case for each bass.

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4. Bass Sleeve

The Bass Sleeve is MONO’s solution to travelling light and simple – merging our pioneering protective features with a stylish and minimalist design. This case features a slimmer variation of the Headlock, an EVA insole to keep the body off the ground, and like all MONO cases, an outer shell built to military specs. It’s also available in Ash Grey.

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Check them out today.

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