Product / 2 February 2017

5 Reasons to Love the Vertigo

As a company, we stand behind every product we make and are proud and humbled by just how many fans we have acquired since we launched in 2007. 

One of our products which we never tire of talking about is our MONO Vertigo Guitar Case. Check out this rundown of 5 reasons to love the Vertigo!


1. The Boot

Your guitar’s sense of security starts at the bottom-end of the Vertigo, fittingly named “The Boot”. With an underside that resembles a hiking boot “The Boot” provides grip and acts as a waterproof barrier from slippery bar floors or a wet sidewalk. The Boot protects the bottom of your guitar from hard drops. If dropped vertically, thick internal padding and a special cutaway prevent the strap pin from getting hammered into the body of your guitar.

2. Top-Loading

The Vertigo lets you pull your guitar out while the case is standing. We call this “Top-Loading”—the powder-coated steel zippers run from the top, giving you the quickest access to your instrument.

3. The Headlock

There’s no greater tragedy than a guitar with a broken neck or headstock. So the most fragile part of the guitar deserves all the protection it can get. Our innovative solution combines outstanding support and convenience. Once you zip up, the Headlock clamps down on the neck, securing it in place. Your headstock is now suspended in the middle of the case, safe from backward drops and side impacts. Those of you who own a guitar with a tilted headstock, you know we’ve got your back (or neck)!

4. There’s A Bunch Of Extra Features—little things add up

Our attention to detail ensures that nothing gets overlooked. The riveted handle is not just comfortable, it’s virtually unbreakable. A large flush pocket with specialized compartments keeps the usual suspects (straps, cables, etc.) in the right places, and fits a 13” laptop, while retaining its sleek looks. Three D-rings let you attach The Tick, to the Vertigo. The Tick gives you even more storage—it fits a small pedalboard, additional cables, mics, or a change of clothes! The shoulder pads are comfortable, and they’re positioned so that the Vertigo rides low—you won’t find yourself hitting low clearance doors on public transport. 

5. Our Lifetime Warranty

We proudly stand behind all our products with a Lifetime Warranty against all manufacturing defects. So this might be the last case you’ll ever need to buy. Give your instrument the protection it deserves with the Vertigo

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