MONO Straps Give Your Guitar The Support it Deserves

Made with indestructible materials, lightweight construction and smart features, our MONO straps have been designed to support you and your guitar as you play. Given a tough run by musicians everywhere, here’s a look at our three styles. 1. The Betty With its wide wale design and thin memory-foam core,… Read more


Deconstructing the Vertigo Boot

We could ramble on for days about the Vertigo’s many awesome features. With that in mind, let’s start with the Boot. It goes without saying that your guitar needs protection – from the base up. Here are four ways the Boot does just that. 1. Advanced sneaker technology We can’t… Read more


What is MONO Sharkskin?

Here at MONO we're always happy to chat about what goes in to our gear. So it's no surprise we get a few questions from passionate musicians about our Sharkskin products.  But there's a twist. Despite what the name may imply, MONO Sharkskin contains no actual shark skin. It turns out that 'sharkskin' as a… Read more

#Equipment Care

Can a Gigbag Really Keep Your Guitar Safe?

If you’ve ever experienced the horror of opening a case to find a wounded instrument inside, you know how important it is to trust in whatever protective place you store your guitar. A great case gives you confidence and peace of mind, secure in your knowledge that your prized possession… Read more


Grammy Award Winning Victor Wooten Demos The Tick

The five-time Grammy winner and one of Rolling Stone's 'Top 10 Bassists of all time', Victor Wooten is a practical man. He’s constantly on the road, and he demands a lot from his gear. For that, we’re glad he is as much a fan of us as we are of… Read more


5 Reasons to Love the Vertigo

As a company, we stand behind every product we make and are proud and humbled by just how many fans we have acquired since we launched in 2007.  One of our products which we never tire of talking about is our MONO Vertigo Guitar Case. Check out this rundown of 5… Read more


MONO Officially Joins The BandLab Technologies Family

MONO Creators, We’re really excited to announce something very special… we are officially “joining the band” with BandLab. What is BandLab? It’s a new cloud-based app that empowers you to quickly record, collaborate and share music with other musicians and fans. As creators, we know you are constantly getting inspired,… Read more


We Won a Pretty Sweet Award

MONO joins Tesla, Nest, Sonos, and other top design-driven brands in the ranks of the 2013 Industrial Design Society of America Awards. This year the Industrial Design Society of America has issued MONO the prestigious Silver IDEA Award for the Vertigo™ Top-Loading Guitar Case, making MONO one of the select… Read more