Product / 22 June 2017

How The MONO Tick Makes Your Life Easier

Latching onto your guitar bag like it was always meant to be there, the Tick™ is a detachable case designed to give you extra storage space – without the hassle of carrying another bag.

To break it down, here are three ways the Tick makes a musician’s life easier.

  1. It’s great for travel

The Tick™ makes travelling that little bit easier. While its main compartment is deep enough to fit a small pedalboard such as the Nano by Pedaltrain, it can also be used to carry your essentials – from passports and pedals to hard drives and t-shirts. And like Victor Wooten points out, your MONO guitar case and the Tick combine your rig into one piece, which makes touring and flying a seamless experience, especially in the carry-on stakes.

  1. It helps you store the essentials.

The Tick™ takes care of the extras. Its main space can accommodate any combination of cables, microphones, hard drives, straps and headphones. It also features covered internal tool compartments a mesh pocket to keep those critical items in view. And due to its integrated design, there’s no need to remove it every time you need to get to your guitar.  

  1. It’s built to last

As with all MONO gear, the Tick™ is built to military specs. High-density padding and a water-resistant shell mean it holds up in wilder conditions, while industrial-grade webbing straps loop through powder-coated steel D-rings to provide a super comfortable grip.

Want one?

Find your local distributor here.

PS – All M80 guitar and bass cases are now shipped Tick™-ready, but some of the older cases may not be. Chat to our Support Team if you want to double check if your case is good to go.

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