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Travel Light and Safe with MONO Ukulele Cases

The right case for your Uke.

The Ukulele certainly gets around. From jamming beachside to strumming centre stage, it’s a crowd favorite wherever it goes with its unmistakable summery vibe.

Your uke deserves safe transportation. That’s why we created the M80 Ukulele Tenor and the Ukelele Concert/Soprano cases.

Here’s what you can expect from both.

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1. Made to move

As far as instruments go, a ukulele player has more luck than some when it comes to carting around your instrument. But we still decided to take it up a notch. Designed specifically for travel, MONO Ukulele Cases come equipped with an adjustable, padded shoulder strap. Using a quick release D-Flex clip, you can easily switch the strap one shoulder to the other, or wear it across your body. For those extra accessories, we’ve even designed a gusseted outer pocket with an ID slot and dual zipper enclosure.

2. Complete security

The M80 Ukulele Cases might be small, but they’re big on protection. As light as they are rugged, they feature our innovative Headlock design, saving your uke from devastating side and rear impacts. With a reinforced outer shell, the cases also absorb and deflect any hard bumps away from the vulnerable areas of your ukulele. Essentially, it offers the same protection as our M80 hybrid guitar cases – at just half the size.

3. Built to last

Each MONO Ukulele Case is designed to military specs, using only materials with extreme resistance to wear and tear. Protected by a waterproof Sharkskin shell, nothing gets in – sand included. The cases also feature a heavy-duty sole and internal piping made of Hypalon, the same long-lasting rubber used to create military rafts.

Look after your uke.

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