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A comfortable home for your acoustic guitar

Acoustic Guitar

No two acoustic guitars are the same — even those built to the same specifications. So when you find the acoustic guitar that resonates with you, protecting your one-of-a-kind instrument should be a top priority.

You should also invest in an acoustic guitar case that best suits your needs whether you’re performing around the globe or looking for a secure storage unit. This will go a long way in extending the lifespan of your guitar.

Here’s a breakdown of our acoustic cases so you can make the right choice for your needs.

Classic Acoustic Guitar Case

The Classic Acoustic case is available for OM, Classical, Jumbo, Dreadnought & Parlor shapes

The original model that started it all, the Classic Acoustic case has gone on to become a staple amongst guitarists worldwide. Years of feedback from working musicians have gone into our MONO Classic cases, giving us a feature-laden case that has only gotten better with time.

Delivering 360° Protection at quarter the weight of their hard case counterparts, our MONO Classic Case utilizes ABS foam panels and a reinforced outer shell that absorbs and reflects hard impact away from the vulnerable areas of your acoustic guitar. Additionally, our patented Headlock® design straps your guitar in and suspends its headstock – diverting impacts that may cause severe neck damage.

Every inch of the Classic Acoustic Guitar Case has been thought through – from the weather-proofing materials to its vast storage spaces. The bottomline is – your guitar is going to be safe in a MONO Classic Case.

Vertigo Acoustic Guitar Case

Combining the best tech and manufacturing methods from the military, footwear, and extreme outdoor industries, the Vertigo represents the pinnacle in guitar protection. Sleek, light and rugged, the MONO Vertigo sees the inclusion of the revolutionary Boot® system. Using its custom molded rubber outsole and EVA insole the Vertigo simply bounces off of concrete while protecting your prized acoustic from devastating vertical drops.

With the same weatherproofing, 360° Protection and Headlock® system derived from the Classic, the Vertigo differs in its top-loading design that allows for quick load-ins and pack-ups. Its self-standing capabilities are also a god-send for getting your acoustic guitar out in confined spaces – perfect for gigging scenarios when laying your case flat isn’t possible.

The Vertigo also has abundant amounts of storage options (including the D-ring attachments for the MONO Classic Tick Accessory Case 2.0). With all these bells and whistles, it’s really no wonder why touring musicians can’t get enough of the MONO Vertigo Acoustic Guitar Case.

Sleeve Acoustic Guitar Case

Designed to be a minimalist carry for your acoustic guitar, the Sleeve Acoustic Guitar Case is an ideal solution for players who want to travel light but still have the protection that MONO is known for.  

This top loading case is a slim and fashion-forward acoustic sleeve that offers much of the same patented protection found on the Classic & Vertigo – but in a more compact form. Thick bottom padding and an EVA rubber insole protect your guitar’s body from damage, while our Headlock® suspension system keeps your guitar’s neck from snapping. The MONO Sleeve is also weather-resistant and splash-proof to protect your acoustic from rainy day transits.

Like all MONO cases, the Sleeve Acoustic Guitar Case has lifetime-guaranteed riveted steel handles and backpack straps that keep this gig bag secure on your person. This stylish sleeve doesn’t skimp on storage too – the Sleeve has an external storage pouch that has ample space for your tablet, pedals, music accessories, and any other tools you may need.

With all these options and protective features, you don’t have to ever fear bringing your acoustic guitars outside again. So what are you waiting for?

Go Play.

Check out the MONO Classic Acoustic Guitar Cases online or at your nearest retailer.

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