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#monopfx: Best pedalboards of September 2022

Can’t ever have too many pedals now, can you? We know just where to park them!

Here are some of the best #monopfx pedalboards we’ve curated for the month of September.

The Lite Heavyweights

Honey, I Shrunk the Amps!

Spotted in Belfast, Northern Ireland, this #monopfx belongs to touring guitarist, Jonathan Cariaga. Equipped with two UAFX Amp Emulators – Dream and Ruby, running into the Walrus Audio Canvas Stereo for maximum width.

Rocking up to a gig has never been easier.

Pedalboard Classics

For the players that want the essentials and a little more. Here are our favorite Small and Medium builds of the month.

This #monopfx lives all the way in sunny Singapore. The Pedalboard Small can house more pedals than you’d expect – only if you’re a pedal Tetris expert.

Some may say it’s considered cheating but Hasyir Ibrahim takes the more economic approach by using the HX Stomp to cover all of his modulation and delay effects.

One overdrive is also never enough. You need four. Hasyir’s drive section handles all kinds of OD textures from subtle blues to downright dirty heavy rock tones.

Here’s the breakdown of the signal chain: Keeley Electronics Compressor Mini and Katana Mini > Hudson Electronics Broadcast-AP > GFI Systems Jonassus Drive > Vandae Electronics Green Jealousy Overdrive > Fulltone Full-Drive 2 Mosfet > Line 6 HX Stomp > Eventide Audio Blackhole.

Top it off with some ultra-clean cable management and this is a #monopfx you’d want to rock!

Meticulous attention to detail went into the construction of this incredible #monopfx by Goodwood Audio. A lot of care was taken to lay out each pedal so that every knob is easily accessible. Look under this Pedalboard Small to appreciate Goodwood Audio’s unreal cabling work. These guys have pulled off a masterful job of fitting multiple pedals onto a small pedalboard.

Here’s a complete breakdown of this stompbox assembly: a Dunlop Volume (X) Mini, Jackson Audio Bloom, JHS Pedals Morning Glory and Kilt, Walrus Audio Julia, Strymon Timeline and BigSky, and everyone’s favorite TC Electronic pedal, the Polytune 2.

This #monopfx is so impressive, we want to keep it.

Who said pedalboards are only for guitarists and bassists? This Thai violinist from Bangkok shows us his #monopfx for his electric violin setup.

Volt Jingjit rocks the Pedalboard Medium to house all of his essential electric violin tones. Guitar-centric pedals like the Hotone Ampero II, the Strymon Compadre, and two unexpected pedals from Shin’s Music – Shin’s Cleanboost and Dumbloid – find their way on this one-of-a-kind pedalboard.

Head to Volt’s Instagram to hear this #monopfx in action!

Go big or go home

Big isn’t always better, but big is always big — and sometimes very epic. That’s what the Pedalboard Large is for.

How many delay pedals do you need? Yes.

This massive #monopfx build by Erjim Lesaca Delos Reyes Jr. has got us excited! If you remember Erjim’s #monopfx feature back in April, you’d know that he’s a Strymon fan, but now we see pedals from other brands as well.

Erjim’s behemoth setup sports not one, not two, but five delays from BOSS. Legend has it that his guitar echoed to the heavens and back. All jokes aside, this Pedalboard Large also houses the Strymon Sunset, Flint, and to cap it all off, the Iridium.

We look forward to the day we find six delays on a #monopfx pedalboard.

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