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#monopfx: Best pedalboards of April 2022

Can’t ever have too many pedals now, can you?

We know just where to park them! Here are some of the best #monopfx pedalboards we’ve curated for the month of April.

The Lite Heavyweights

Do you believe that less is more and sometimes it’s the mini setups that inspire? Musicians that belong to this camp turn to boards like our Pedalboard Lite to keep things trim on their tone hunt. No extra baggage is allowed here — every effect unit counts.

Life is complicated, but your #monopfx doesn’t have to be.

This no-frills Pedalboard Lite setup includes an HX Stomp by Line 6, a two-button footswitch, and the Guitar Audio Solutions Interface along with the cleanest cabling work.

With a setup like this, you have all the sounds you need with just one carry.

Adam Miller’s compact setup is all ready for #teletuesday. A great guitar is always in need of a reliable pedalboard for optimal tones, so this is where his Pedalboard Lite+  comes into play!

This #monopfx sports the Benson Amps Germanium Boost, J. Rockett Blue Note Overdrive, Vemuram Jan Ray, Chase Bliss Audio Mood, and the Strymon Flint.

Pedalboard Classics

For the players that want the essentials and a little more. Here are our favorite Small and Medium builds of the month.

Musicians are always finding ways to maximize their tone on our Pedalboard Small, one of our most popular board sizes.

Denmark Yuzon is discovering 5E3 Tweed Deluxe tones with his new Kingsley Troubadour. Along with it comes a whole line of Kingsley and BOSS pedals.

This #monopfx houses the Morningstar MC6 which controls the BOSS DD-500 and the RV-500 via MIDI, the Kingsley Page Ts, and Kingsley Maiden. The Two Notes Torpedo C.A.B. M+ is also used for when he goes ampless.

To top it all off, Denmark plays a gorgeous 1977 Epiphone ES-295 in Metallic Gold!

He is back… Mateus Asato is back!

This #monopfx was spotted at the recent Grammy Awards show with Silk Sonic featuring Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak.

Even with Mateus’ complex music and gear knowledge, he keeps things fairly simple on his Pedalboard Medium by only using the pedals he needs. His setup includes the Vemuram Myriad Fuzz and Jan Ray, 1981 Inventions DRV No3, Strymon Mobius and Flint, UAD Golden Reverberator, and the Jim Dunlop Echoplex.

We can’t wait to see more of Mateus Asato and his gear on the road in the future!

Go big or go home

Big isn’t always better, but big is always big — and sometimes very epic. That’s what the Pedalboard Large is for.

Whether you’re on or off stage, the Pedalboard Large gives you the ultimate tonal flexibility.

Check out this #monopfx by Erjim Lesaca Delos Reyes Jr. all the way in the Land Down Under. This Strymon-themed pedalboard is surely a head-turner at every show. This #monopfx features the Strymon OB. 1, Riverside, Deco, Sunset, Volante, Flint, Timeline, Mobius, BigSky, Nightsky, and the Iridium.

With the Strymon Iridium at the end of the chain, this pedalboard is ready to rock and roll at a moment’s notice!

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