How-Tos / 10 August 2017

Top Tips For Travelling With A Laptop

Like many musicians, a laptop can be our best friend here at MONO. Compact and capable, they give us the ability to make music pretty much anywhere, but they can also be pricey pieces of kit that require proper care and attention. Taking a laptop on the road with you, whether you’re traveling domestically or internationally, can be a tricky business sometimes. Here are our recommendations for the best ways to make sure your beloved device survives more than one trip.

Bag it

The better your laptop bag, the better off your laptop will be. If you’re travelling a lot then it’s worth investing in a proper bag so you’re protected against everything from the elements to bumpy transit. We can’t over-emphasise how important this is – accidents happen and you don’t want to dealing with the heartbreak that comes with a worst case scenario.

Preventive measures

It’s an unfortunate fact that while you’re out and about, your belongings are particularly susceptible to theft so attend to the basics, just in case. When you’re not using your laptop, log out of social media and any sites that might have your personal payment details on them. Install a passcode and you can also encrypt your hard drive with tools built into your operating system in order to keep out casual intruders.


Don’t wait for a disaster before you learn your lesson. Make sure you get comprehensive cover. Just as important is doing your homework on the insurance provider so you know you’re signing up with a trusted firm and not getting burned by a bunch of cowboys.

Call for backup

Any computer worth its salt will give you the ability to backup all your contents – audio or otherwise – relatively easily. An external hard drive shouldn’t be too pricey to come by and there is now the option of saving files to The Cloud. Again, make sure that any extra devices you have are decent and will do the job properly.


Laptop models vary hugely, which in turn has implications for their use while on the road. Before you head out it may be worth visiting the Genius Bar at an Apple Store (if you use Mac) or a specialist (if you don’t) to make sure that your computer is in top working order, free from viruses or malware and has enough protection to withstand problems with the above. Similarly, when you’re on the road, make sure you get some screenwipes and anything else that will keep your gear clean and tidy.

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