How-Tos / 21 May 2020

Top 5 ways to use your MONO cases during Quarantine

A great guitar case always comes in handy — even when you’re not on the road.

In addition to keeping your instruments safe, our community of users have shared some ingenious ways of integrating instrument cases into your daily lives.

Here are some of our favorite alternative ways to use your MONO cases and bags while you’re home. 

Kids-size loungers

The faux-fur lining on the interior of our cases doesn’t just keep your guitar snug. They also make for cushy kids-size lounging.

“MONO cases are the standard when it comes to protecting your guitars and also perfect for lounging.” — Brandon Witcher

Coincidentally, our hi-density foam bumpers also make sure the baby stays in place.

Disclaimer: We don’t actually recommend using our cases as baby cribs — but it makes for a great photo!

Cat beds

Our favorite feline friends also appreciate the faux-fur. Trust us.

Pure bliss

Also fits two

Diaper Bags

Not strictly an instrument case, but we’ve received word that our Stealth Relay Messenger Bag makes quite the diaper bag.

Phil of Gradually Wizardly and Schinbein Drum Co. with the stealthiest nappy bag around

Keeping toned

Feeling restless? Time to take the weight of your gear off your shoulders and turn it into a workout instead.

Micah Jones and his MONO-weighted pushups

Emily of the Get Offset podcast with a serious ab workout

Doing your groceries like a rockstar

Good enough for even your eggs

The Scarlet’s Way duo with their farm-fresh product testing

Alternatively, you can still use your cases to keep your instruments and gear safe and secure.

Because once this pandemic blows over, it’s back on the road.

Curious to find out more? Check out the cases and bags featured in this story in our online store and find out how you can protect your instruments the MONO way.

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