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#monopfx: Best pedalboards of August 2022

August has come and gone. Have you purchased any new pedals this month? Perhaps you have discovered a new pedalboard hack?

Maybe you’re visiting this blog because you’re seeking inspiration for your own tone adventure.

Whatever your reasons may be, come join us as we take a look at some of our favorite pedalboards from the month of August.

The Lite Heavyweights

Do you believe that less is more? Musicians that belong to this camp turn to boards like our Pedalboard Lite to keep things trim on their tone hunt. No extra baggage is allowed here — every effect unit counts.

Azriel David Martinez’s Pedalboard Lite is nothing but clean. At the heart of this #monopfx lies the critically acclaimed HX Stomp with added footswitches on top of it for maximum functionality. The two pedals capping this setup off are the Jackson Audio Asabi and the Walrus Audio R1.

All the tones you need for any gig in a single carry.

Pedalboard Classics

For the players that want the essentials and a little more. Here are our favorite Small and Medium builds of the month.

Alex Haines completely Marie Kondo’ed his #monopfx. Small but powerful with all the essentials one needs for any performance.

This well thought out #monopfx can double up for both acoustic and electric guitars. An effective way for keeping things versatile for run-and-gun situations.

Here’s a complete breakdown of this stompbox assembly: a Greer Amps Lightspeed, Empress ZOIA, Fairfield Circuitry AD1469, Tonebone Pz-Pre, BOSS Waza Craft DM-2w, and the Strymon Bluesky.

The end result? One of the cleanest and fuss-free builds we’ve seen in a while.

As the old saying goes, “Start ’em young.”

Take a closer look at his Pedalboard Small and you’ll find a wall-to-wall series of effects. Cristian runs midi with the Disaster Area DPC-5 through his pedals like the Strymon Timline and GFI System Synesthesia. Pedals like the Xotic RC Booster V2 and EP Booster, 1981 Inventions DRV, Chase Bliss Audio Brothers, Jackson Audio Abasi and the Origin Effects Cali76 are also featured on his board.

We are in love with Cristian’s setup and the curiousnes of his personal guitar tech!

The tones coming out of this #monopfx build by Jonathan Sims is giving off major U2 vibes.

The HX Effects by Line 6 takes center stage here, handling unlimited combinations of effects despite its relatively compact footprint. This board also features the Vertex Effects Boost, the Keeley Electronics Red Dirt, the ProCo Rat and the Walrus Audio Canvas Mono.

Finally, Jonathan’s latest acquitisiton – the UAFX Ruby is also worth mentioning. With its crystal clear edge-of-breakup tones, this pedal is made for tunes like “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For”.

All in all, this Pedalboard Small is unpretentious but mighty.

Finally a bass guitar Pedalboard Small build! Spotted all the way in Mexico, this #monopfx build belongs to Mike X Zuniga.

Here is the signal flow: Origin Effects Cali76 – EHX Bass Microsynth – E.W.S. BMC- Xotic RC – Xotic BB -BOSS OC2 – Sonic Research Turbo Tuner – DSM Humboldt Electronics Simplifier Bass Station – Rupert Neve DI .

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