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#monopfx: Best pedalboards of August 2021

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We’re down to the last quarter of the year – how are things on your pedalboard? Any new effects? Did you overhaul your entire board?

We go through some of our favorite pedalboards this month to find out.

The Lite Heavyweights

Do you believe that less is more? Musicians that belong to this camp turn to boards like our Pedalboard Lite to keep things trim on their tone hunt. No extra baggage is allowed here — every effect unit counts.

Chris Ferebee’s spartan effects board is simple yet effective. A board of only three pedals (plus one tuner), these effects work in tandem to provide serious coverage for more ambient styles of music. Behold the combination of the TC Electronic, Hologram Electronics Dream Sequence, and Strymon’s Ola and El Capistan on the top of a Pedalboard Lite.

Pedalboard Classics

For the players that want the essentials and a little more. Here are our favorite Small and Medium builds of the month.

The Pedal Platform blew us away with this ultra clean Small Pedalboard Carbon that is bursting with color (sonically and visually).

This signal chain offers hi-fi clarity from the 29 Pedals EUNA/OAMP combo with The Skitter and The Woozy adding extra depth in the effects loop of The Swan Hunter (all three by Champion Leccy Effects).

All in all, a stunning board that we cannot wait to hear in action.

Some of the most fun we have doing our monthly round up is finding new pedals and rediscovering old sleeper effects. Hamish’s travel board has both of these things!

First glance sees some familiar faces such as the Strymon Iridium, Hologram Electronics Microcosm, Land Devices’ HP-2, and Walrus Audio Mako Series: R1. However, take a closer look and you’ll notice the underrated Line 6 Echo Park from their discontinued ToneCore series. Other distinct pedals on this Small board include the Dr. Scientist’s The Scientist, Red Panda’s Tensor, Cooper FX’s Generation Loss, and Mr Black’s Mini Reverb.

Talk about clean! This Small board is packed to the brim with some iconic pedals including four powerful Strymon effects and the timeless Line 6 M5 Stompbox Modeler.

Here’s another sleek board by Pedal Empire. Starting with our Medium board, this ensemble has all its modulation and time-based effects covered by the Strymon Timeline + Big Sky and Boss DD7 + CE5 combo. P.S. This board also features the second sighting of the Strymon Iridium in a month. Overdrives are the main course on this board with five flavours available in the form of the Boss Bluesdriver, Selah Scarlett Love Overdrive, Boss OD-3, Jackson Audio Prism, and Greer Amps Lightspeed Organic Overdrive.

Whether it’s rock, blues or even a more eclectic style of music, we have a feeling that this board will be able to do almost any job to perfection.

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