Uncategorized / 16 September 2016

MONO Officially Joins The BandLab Technologies Family

MONO Creators,

We’re really excited to announce something very special… we are officially “joining the band” with BandLab.

What is BandLab? It’s a new cloud-based app that empowers you to quickly record, collaborate and share music with other musicians and fans. As creators, we know you are constantly getting inspired, most often on the go. With BandLab it’s extremely easy to capture those ideas on your mobile device in a multi-track format that can be built upon with other collaborators, from anywhere in world.

Along with BandLab, MONO is now part of BandLab Technologies, an international portfolio of innovative, design-driven companies focused on physical products, digital services and retail experiences for music creators and fans. By becoming part of BandLab Technologies, MONO will be empowered to pursue the next level of design concepts that will surely deliver even more products that make your creative lifestyle more efficient, enjoyable and creative.

MONO and BandLab are a perfect partnership; we both share a common goal: to help give today’s modern musicians the freedom to do what they want to do, go where they want to go and make great music anytime, anywhere, and to be closer to their fans. Being a successful musician today requires a completely different tool kit, and we share a vision for what those tools need to be, and now MONO and BandLab have the ability to create them together. Creating music was meant to be mobile, and together we’re creating a new movement.

Hear more from BandLab over at their blog.

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