Life On The Road / 25 October 2017

“I experienced a MONO case miracle” – Steven Weinberg

At MONO we love hearing from our fans! Every now and then though, we hear from someone with such an incredible story which we not only love, but which reminds us why what we do matters.

Meet Steven….

Steven plays Brad Whitford in an Aerosmith tribute band. On the 23rd October he sent us a message…

“Well Here’s a story […] We had just finished a gig in Phoenix at the Arizona State Fair and were loading the gear truck. For some stupid reason, I put my MONO M80 case containing two prized Les Paul’s behind our transport vehicle. The driver of the transport decided to back up to give better access to the truck and didn’t check behind. The result is pictured.

“This is the front end. Looks like the necks are bent upwards.”

“After extricating the case, we carefully opened up both sides to find both guitars in perfect condition.”

“This photo was taken a few minutes after opening the case and finding the guitars without a scratch. I’m in shock. Lol.”

“Taken just after we finished the show. Little did I know that this could have been the last time I saw my 78 Black Beauty in one piece. About 45 minutes later it was stuck under an SUV!”

We inquired as to the current shape of his M80 Dual and Steven responded; “Actually, and quite remarkably, the case bounced back too…It’s a bit scuffed but regained its original shape so I’m pretty amazed. Don’t think I need a new one!”

Thanks Steven. We’re glad we helped you get Back In The Saddle.

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