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Best of Instagram October 2018 Edition: Your Gear. Your Stories.

Everyone’s got a story to tell. Your favorite guitar, your first gig… We love to hear yours!  Each month we ask our best flatlayers to tell us their stories and here are our picks for August…

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A post shared by John Albrecht (@johnieo) on

@johnieo: What I love about my MONO bag is what first drew me in – the design, not just a great looking case but design in pursuit of better functionality and protection. The top-loading feature lets me quickly and efficiently set-up and pack-up while the neck support and boot have kept my bass safe from inevitable accidental drops and falls. The front pocket is very roomy and comfortably fits all my cables and accessories. Gives me peace of mind every time I travel.

Other than the Vertigo case, my current favorite piece of equipment is the Marino Customs cable looms. The looms enable me to have 5 cables packed into 2 for a clean and easy set up. On top of that, they are reliable and sound great (and look good too).


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A post shared by John Albrecht (@johnieo) on

I was playing bass for a weekend event. When it was time for the closing set, the drummer couldn’t be found and I was asked to fill in at the last minute. I didn’t mind playing (drums are my first instrument) – except at the same moment my son happened to be with me. My wife wasn’t nearby so I gave my son a pair of sticks and brought him up onto the stage with me.


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A post shared by Pascal Fuhr (@pascal.fuhr) on

@pascal.fuhr: MONO makes high-quality products which are lovely designed. They make my life easier as everything is well protected and I don’t have to worry about anything. On top of that, the outstanding support team has an ear open for everyone, and is as professional as it can be. Thank you guys for that!

If I have to choose one thing on this picture of awesome happiness, it would be this guitar [Suhr Modern Plus]. I love her so much. She’s a part of me and I couldn’t be happier with her. I don’t know if anyone can understand that, but she’s the guitar that speaks to me. And of course, she’s from Suhr! I don’t know what they do to their to their guitars, but their instruments are just out of this world.

I am one of those guys who falls in love with music and for me, music is more than genres. It all started at an early age of 2 or 3 years when I attended a class at the nearest music school. And that was kind of the door opener, because the next door to our room there was a saxophone class. Before and after each lesson I sat down there waiting for my parents listening to the saxophone. After some time I want to play that instrument to and knocked at that door and asked the teacher if it was possible to get some lessons. He said yes and spoke to my parents. A week later I started playing saxophone. I was 5 years old and the saxophone was bigger than me! After some years of lessons, I start playing in the school orchestra and big band. In the big band, I sat next to the guitars and there, I fell in love with the guitar and told my parents that I wanted to learn this thing too. Christmas came and they gave me one of those $70 guitar packages with an amp and a cable. From there I entered the guitar world, listening to all kinds of music that had a guitar. And now here I am – a guitarist who loves both the jazz harmony and the feel and rhythm from other genres.


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@keyboard_rafat: I really like my MONO case for many reasons but among all of them my favorite things are its design, resistance, practicality and perfect fit on almost all my gear.

I play piano and keys for Río Roma, Mariana Seoane and Axel Muñiz, mainly pop and ballad music. It is not easy for me to choose only one keyboard for they are all great in performance and design, but if I had to pick just one, it would be the Yamaha Motif FX, its versatility it’s what appeals to me the most.

Bob James, Cory Henry, Chick Corea and George Benson are some of my influences, but the most important one is my favourite bassist, my father.

I have many great stories, I think each moment on stage is a memorable one; I feel special, nervous and excited to transmit music to all the people around me. Every moment on stage always turns to “the best” story ever.

It’s amazing seeing all your photos on social media. We’re very thankful to everyone who has taken the time to set these up, take photos and share them with us, keep them coming!

If you have photos of your MONO gear – tag us on Instagram @monocreators. If you want to share a flatlay of your gear, remember to hashtag #MONOfits on Instagram. We’re always looking to share incredible photos from our users – who knows, yours could be the next.

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