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Best of Instagram November 2018 Edition: Your Gear. Your Stories.

Every month we feature our favorite #MONOFits flatlays and the stories behind them. If you love sharing photos of your gear, remember to tag us!

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@pavelds: My favorite piece of gear is my always-on-pedal and that is my J. Rockett Archer. It sweetens any amp, makes it “better”. I use this setup at every gig with my band @looking4droids. We’ve been around Europe and the UK a few times and those MONO bags take anything, flights, trains, vans. Best investment ever to protect my gear when in transit.

I was born in Colombia and by pure chance I end up jamming with Shakira in her early days of fame. Very talented person, amazing songwriter and playing for a bit with her was pretty cool, I remember a conversation saying, “Music has to be fun, if you’re having fun you’re doing well, the rest is just add-ins…” I still play, gig, tour, record, and guess what? Yup, still having fun.

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In case y’all were wondering what I bring w me on a typical bass gig! #monofits#bass#jazzbass#fretless#fretlessbass#electricupright#eub#pedalboard#gear#rig

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@wyattrydlewskimusic: The most important piece of kit is definitely my American Professional Fender Jazz Bass. Without it, all my other gear wouldn’t matter. It hasn’t failed me and it’s the starting point of my sound.

I started out in the New Jersey scene three years ago and since then, I have been booked to play over a dozen tours with over 10 bands. Currently, I gig primarily with Electric Sensei and Junkanoo. They are dream gigs for me because I can be 100% creative and get a truly fulfilling on-stage experience.

I love my MONO Dual Bass case. Most gigs I only need my fretted Jazz bass, so I use the front bass sleeve to hold my amp, pedal board, and power strip. This way, with the case on my back, I can hold one cab in each hand and have everything I need for any gig!

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Igor Odaryuk: I’m a self-taught bass player from Ukraine. I started my musical journey playing on trombone. Today, I’ve got a professional music degree and I play pop music with NuAngels and indie rock with the band Zetetics. I travel a lot touring with them, so it really helps to have all my gear in one place in my MONO bags. They look cool, serve me well and I can be sure that my Fender Marcus Miller bass is safe.  

The FlyBy backpack is my favorite, my little daughter loves it too!

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MONO products featured

Classic Electric Guitar Case, Black
Tour Accessory Case 2.0, Black
Classic Tick Accessory Case 2.0, Black

Classic Dual Bass Guitar Case, Black
Classic Tick Accessory Case 2.0, Black

Igor Odaryuk
Vertigo Bass Guitar Case, Grey
Classic Tick Accessory Case 2.0, Grey
Classic FlyBy Backpack, Black
Betty Guitar Strap, Long, Black

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