How-Tos / 4 October 2017

5 Essentials You Will Probably Forget to Pack on Your First Tour

You’re finally going on tour! There are people outside of your studio garage who know the words to your song, and you’re about to make a whole lot of friends – it’s all exciting. For your first time, though, it could get daunting. You’re afraid of under and over-packing, and in a frenzy, you’re likely to forget certain essentials you didn’t actually think were essential.

Here are 5 of the other items you’ll be needing on tour:

1. Battery packs and portable chargers

Trips away from home could mean away from your phone, but on tour, your smartphone will bring you salvation. You’ll need it for navigation, to look up food and accommodation options, shoot pictures and videos for friends and family back home, or just to use it for its traditional purpose – communication.

A dead battery will throw you off course and into uncertainty; squeezing in 10 minutes of battery boosts after asking a local barista for her charger isn’t quite as convenient as going prepared.

2. Your merch!

The more you’ll have to offer, the more your listeners will want. Your band’s EP, your band’s stickers, or your band’s shirt designs. Better than that, grab your friend’s band’s merch as well. If people like your band, chances are they’ll be interested in others you may be affiliated with.  

Rock out and sell yourself onstage; your merch should sell itself, and there’s never anything wrong with a few extra dollars on tour.

3. E-reader

Say what you wish of the book versus e-reader debate, but there’s no denying an e-reader’s convenience. Books (multiple books!) are a useful way to keep yourself occupied for when you’re not the one behind the wheel, or just to sit back after a show.  

You’re going to be worrying about space and weight with your luggage, so it may be wise to come to peace with the 21st century and invest in an e-reader.

4. First-aid kit

We don’t like being nagged either, but going on tour shouldn’t mean your health and diet are both thrown up in the air. From bandages for onstage mischief, to the nutritious honey-lemon mix for your frontman, take some time to think of what you’ll need to make it through the tour in one piece.

You don’t want to be disappointing anyone by potentially cancelling or postponing your shows. There should be no time for you to feel under the weather – the show must go on.

5. Rules

Rules. Not too many so you have fun, but not too few so you have too much fun. You’ll be traveling with the heaviest weight to carry of them all – responsibility. A tour could be your first step to stardom, or your first taste of external inspiration, so it’ll be for the best if you stay fresh and ready for performances to come.

Pair up your band members, settle on a rendezvous if you got lost, or just carry along an emergency number; be organized, but not a party pooper!

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