How-Tos / 14 January 2017

4 Innovative Ways To Tech-Hack Your MONO Gear

Modern gear does more than just carry your stuff from one destination to another. These days you can get some pretty amazing smart luggage that will do everything from weighing itself to automatically checking in for a flight. Luggage that can charge your phone and be tracked via Bluetooth is increasingly becoming the norm; Bluesmart and Raden are great companies doing innovative things in the smart luggage space.

Here at MONO, we have come up with a few easy tech hacks so you can upgrade your current case into something that not only protects your gear but also tracks, charges and locks it!

1. Get Your Foundation Right First

First things first, you need to protect your gear, so start with the right case. All our cases are water-resistant and have a reinforced outer shell along with many other individual features. Our Mono Vertigo is strong enough for heavy use on the road but light enough to carry on the go. Our similarly tough Accessory Cases are great for all sorts of gear, including, of course, effects pedals.

2. Never Lose Track of Your Gear

When you bring your killer gear to your show this generally means not wanting to let it out of your sight. But the fact is you’re going to have to get in line for beer at some point.

This is where we recommend Tile Mate, a thin and super-light Bluetooth tracker that can slip easily into your MONO case. Download the Tile app on your smartphone, pair it with your Tile, and you’re ready to roll.

You can track your Tile-d cases via the app – and leverage other Tile users nearby to help with the search. When you activate the search for the Tile on the app, the Tile will emit a preset melody so you can track it down by ear or on the app’s map. So if your gear is moved while you’re gone, you’ll hear a nice jingle (while you scream your lungs out in sheer panic).

New company GearEye (a gear management system) coming out in 2017, uses software linked to tiny, RFID adhesive GearTags as tracking devices. If you get in now during its crowdfunding stage, you can get it for a steal. We love that this could also be used for individual parts of your MONO set-up to maintain an inventory, this way you can double check both guitars are in your Dual case, or that your Guitar Tick is still attached to your Vertigo.

3. Be Extra Safe, Lock it Down Smart

To make sure you have extra security, consider adding a smartphone-linked lock, like the eGeetouch Smart Travel Padlock. You don’t need a key or combination — just use a Bluetooth- or NFC-enabled phone (or your smartwatch) to open and close the lock which also comes with a built-in TSA-approved key for U.S. airports.

4. Never Run Out of Juice

How much of your music and life do you keep on your phone? If you’re like us, it’s a lot — so it’s crucial to keep it charged night and day. Avoid dead phone drama by carrying a portable power bank like the Anker PowerCore 20100. This charger packs a punch —  it’s good for eight speedy, full charges on an iPhone 6, so you’ll never lose power while sending crowd-surfing pictures.

Now, Get Gigging!

Looking after your gear while on the go is serious business. Fortunately, with the right combo of MONO gear and new-tech, modern gigging life can be much easier, even during your most hectic periods.

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