Things We Love / 20 March 2022

WATCH: Unboxing the Harmony Juno with Danish Pete

There’s always that familiar sense of exhilaration before unboxing your way through a new guitar. You pop the flaps of the box and you’re immediately greeted with the fresh smell of the guitar factory. There’s nothing quite like laying eyes on your new axe for the first time, and in this video, Pete Honoré portrays that emotion perfectly.

What’s really special is that the Harmony Juno comes in its own custom MONO case — the MONO Stealth Electric Guitar Case Mini — for superior protection on the go. Lightweight, durability, and portability, are the few things that matter when traveling with the Juno and this case provides all that and more.

Watch as Pete unboxes his new guitar, gives it a brief rundown, and performs a lovely tone demo — “Danish Pete” style.

Full video here:

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