Things We Love / 24 January 2022

WATCH: Patrick Breen’s 2021 Gear Round-up

New year new gear?

In this detailed breakdown, Patrick Breen highlights his favorite music gear releases of 2021. There’s something here for everyone — the products in this roundup range from gear for a home studio to tools for producers and beatmakers.

You may spot some familiar bags in this video too — because the Vertigo Ultra Electric and the FlyBy Ultra Backpack have also made it to Patrick’s list. Whether Patrick’s going across town or the country, his instruments and gear are always getting all-round protection.

Check out this video to see the Vertigo Ultra Electric and the FlyBy Ultra Backpack, and the other products that made it into Patrick’s list of favorites.

If you’re looking for a deep dive into either of these cases, check out more of Patrick’s videos below:

Check out the M80 Vertigo Ultra Electric and the FlyBy Ultra Backpack online or at your nearest retailer.

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