Things We Love / 28 April 2021

WATCH: New and Notable Pedals in Josh’s Collection

MONO pedalboard carbon with JHS pedals

What sort of pedals catches the eyes (and ears) of an established pedal builder?

In this week’s livestream, Josh Scott of JHS Pedals reveals some of the new and notable pedals in his collection — all mounted on his MONO Pedalboard Carbon.

If you’re as passionate about pedals as we are, the entire video is worth the watch, but if not, here’s a quick look at what made the list:

  • Diamond Cornerstone
  • Mojohand Mister O
  • Benson Germanium Fuzz
  • Universal Audio Starlight
  • EHX Ripped Speaker
  • SolidGold FX Imperial MKii
  • SchockRock Joy & Sorrows 
  • Aclam Windmiller Preamp
  • Old Blood Noise Minim

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