Things We Love / 17 May 2021

Funk Downsized: Music Man Joe Dart Jr. Artist Series Signature Bass

Ernie Ball Music Man Joe Dart Jr. Signature Bass

There hasn’t been a band in existence quite like Vulfpeck and musicians all around the world have taken notice. Founding member Joe Dart, who is best known for his tasty lines and funk precision, has turned into a modern-day bass icon too.

Recently, Ernie Ball Music Man announced the all-new Joe Dart Jr. Artist Series Signature Bass — a 30″ short-scale wonder that literally has no controls!

The bass features a lightweight ash body, select maple neck, and a passive neodymium pickup for warm, punchy tones. With no controls or EQ to color the sound, the tone is purely manipulated by the user’s technique and finesse.

The Olympic White bass is also outfitted with 22 stainless steel frets, chrome hardware, and comes set up tuned down to C standard with custom .045 – .105 Ernie Ball Short Scale Flatwound Bass Strings.

And to sweeten the deal, it comes in its very own M80 Vertigo.

Hear the bass in action here:

Find out more about the Joe Dart Jr. Artist Series Signature Bass here.

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