Things We Love / 9 November 2020

LISTEN: Grammy-nominated funk band Lettuce releases EP ‘Resonate Remixed’

MONO artists and all-round funky fiends, Lettuce have released Resonate Remixed‘, a remixed version of their seventh studio album,  Resonate‘. The EP is a curated mix of respected artists and friends including Cloudchord, TYCOON, Mckenzie, Birocratic, jackLNDN and Flamingosis.

We reached out to some of our favorite producers to remix our album Resonate. Each producer lent their unique style and musicality to make this project pop off! We are very excited for y’all to hear it!

Adam Deitch, drummer for Lettuce

‘Resonate Remixed’ takes Lettuce’s sound and infuses their funk influences with house, electronic and more. If you ever need a playlist to add some pep into your day be sure to get this EP in your listening rotation.

Check out the first track of their EP here:

If you’re curious what the original sounds like:

Listen to the full ‘Resonate Remixed’ EP:

You can also head here to read our last interview with Lettuce to find out more about their musical inspirations, gear and touring.

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