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Guitar Highlight: Three Guitar Builders that offer MONO cases

Protection is key when it comes to guitar maintenance and many guitar makers understand that need too. A guitar that comes with a good case not only adds value, but helps preserve the lifespan of your favorite instrument. 

If you’re on the lookout for a great guitar that comes in its very own MONO cases, here are some guitar brands you might want to consider.


Established in 1892, Harmony has played an instrumental role throughout history, at one point becoming the largest instrument manufacturer in the world. Harmony’s Standard Series guitars are all made in the US and come in our Vertigo Electric cases except for one special, small-bodied guitar — the Harmony Juno.

The Harmony Juno in Pearl White and Champagne

This small-bodied guitar is still capable of big tones and with it, comes an exclusive Stealth Electric Guitar Case Mini. This case offers superior rugged protection and is built specifically to house the Juno.

In addition to being lightweight and durable, this case also provides excellent portability whenever you travel.

Watch Pete Honore unbox his Harmony Juno

The Harmony Comet with the Vertigo Electric Case

All Harmony Standard Series guitars also ship in a Vertigo Electric Case.

Marvin Guitars

A handmade boutique guitar builder out of Los Angeles, CA. The man behind these quality builds is none other than Keith Horne. Marvin Guitars make vintage spec-ed custom instruments to redefine old school. With a new line of exciting guitars – the Telegraph and CN-90, Marvin Guitars is a company you shouldn’t sleep on.

The Telegraph with the Vertigo Electric Case

The Honeyburst Telegraph features a double-cut carved maple top, a Black Limba back and a White Limba neck with Rosewood Fretboard. This guitar is a definite showstopper.

The Fillmore Premium with the M80 Classic Electric Case

This beauty sports a matching flamed Koa top and back with a flamed mahogany neck and a figured cocobolo fretboard.

Every Marvin guitar is shipped in its own MONO case – M80 Classic Electric or Vertigo Electric. No top up required!

Ernie Ball Music Man

In case you missed it, we’re also excited to partner with Ernie Ball Music Man to offer a brand new, exclusive case for Music Man instruments.

Featuring custom-molded foam and plush lining, the new MONO case provides outstanding protection for your Music Man instrument. The case also offers an extra-large zippered storage compartment with a built-in organizer. As a finishing touch, the new MONO case handles feature our signature orange trim and reinforced metal rivets for added durability.

The Cutlass RS HSS with the Ernie Ball Music Man MONO Case

Now shipping with select Music Man instruments.

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