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WATCH: Asher Belsky releases his second single “Reason”

Asher Belsky

Asher Belsky, the young phenom who took the guitar world by storm as a member of the Gibson Generation Group (G3), has just released his second single “Reason”.

The single is Asher’s soulful follow-up to his initial debut “About A Girl” in May 2020. With this blues-tinged track, the young songwriter successfully showcases his versatility and rapid growth over the year.

“Reason” by Asher Belsky was released on September 10, 2021.

To help bring Asher’s vision to life, “Reason” was recorded in Los Angeles with producer Jorgen Carlsson of Gov’t Mule. Other legendary musicians on the record include Toss Panos on drums (Robben Ford) and Jeff Young on keys (Steely Dan).

Now a full-fledged Gibson ambassador after graduating from G3, the future looks bright for the 16 year old and we look forward to following his journey as both guitarist and singer-songwriter.

Watch Asher Belsky’s “Reason” music video:

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