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Let’s Fuzzin’ Do This: Win Fully Loaded MONO Pedalboard

Wren and Cuff MONO pedalboard giveaway

For our first giveaway of the year, we’ve teamed up with Wren & Cuff to put together an incredible pedalboard build worth over USD3,400 for one lucky winner.

There’s something here for everyone — create limitless soundscapes with Empress Effects’ mind-bending Zoia, tear down the walls with Death By Audio’s Absolute Destruction fuzz, or keep things on the edge of break up with Teisco’s Overdrive and Benson Amps’ Preamp.

This is a giveaway you can’t miss.

Let’s Fuzzin’ Do This: Pedalboard Breakdown

Wren and cuff MONO pedalboard giveaway

There’s a lot going on so here’s the full breakdown of the pedals and accessories you can win starting from the top of the signal chain:

Benson Preamp

An extremely amp-like and versatile boost/drive that imparts rich harmonics and a very musical EQ. It’s based off Benson’s Chimera 30 watt guitar amplifier and is perfect at the start of any signal chain

Wren And Cuff J Mascis Garbage Face

A faithful recreation of J Mascis’ favorite 70’s EHX Ram’s Head including all its “incorrect” part values and component values that have drifted far from their original values during its near-50 year journey.

It also includes a replica of J’s favorite germanium treble booster and the ability to switch between two preset volumes for the Muff circuit.

Dr Scientist Dusk

Dusk is a digitally controlled analog filter that retains great audio quality and a deep filter sound.

At its heart is an analog low pass filter based around an old-school integrated circuit. Coupled with Dusk’s digital control, you now have access to convenient and powerful features like controlling the filter setting, tap tempo, MIDI and 6 LFOs.

Caroline Parabola Solid State Tremolo

“The sonic equivalent of riding your space mammoth through giant puddles in the astral plane while feeding it caffeinated energy drinks.” — Caroline Guitar Company

If that doesn’t convince you, just know that this is a beautiful sounding tremolo.

Coppersound Captain Hook Octave Fuzz & Boost

This limited edition octave fuzz takes some cues from the iconic Octavia but has been designed to have extra sustain and cut.

In classic Coppersound style, there’s also an order switch to give you control over the Boost and Fuzz circuits’ positions to stack them the way you like it.

Teisco Overdrive

Transparent low-medium gain in a striking yellow box. We love the KICK switch that interacts with your gain control and immediately drops you into mid-boosted medium gain territory.

Empress Effects Zoia

A modular synthesizer in a pedal. It does everything. Need we say more?

Death By Audio Absolute Destruction

Nothing quite sounds like Death By Audio’s Absolute Destruction and we love it. Push the OVERLOAD into blooming, octave nastiness and watch how the signal eats itself as you max out the slider.

Old Blood Noise Endeavors Minim Reverb Delay and Reverse

This is Old Blood Noise Endeavors’ “Immediate Ambience Machine” and rightly so. The Minim Reverb houses a newly voiced reverb with harmonic tremolo, a modulated delay with nearly infinite repeats available, and a reverse section selectable between normal speed or double speed.

For more control over the Reverse mix, use the Old Blood Noise Endeavors Expression Slider that’s comes connected to it.

Way Huge Electronics Supa-Puss Analog Delay

A delay that needs no introduction. The Supa-Puss’ 6 bucket-brigade chips deliver a whopping 900 milliseconds of delay time. A whole host of useful features make the Supa-Puss an analog favorite — gain and modulation controls, tap tempo, its unique Chase mode and the ability to blend wet and dry signals.

For more control over the delay time, use the Old Blood Noise Endeavors Expression Slider that’s comes connected to it.

ZVEX Super Hard On

Nothing slams the front of your amp like the ZVEX SHO, an ultra-transparent booster with incredible high-end clarity that goes from unity gain to far, far beyond.


All of these incredible effects sit on our MONO Pedalboard Large — the board of choice for many soundscape explorers.

We’ve also thrown in our Pedalboard Accessories Kit and the Pedalboard Rise & Rise+ for even more board customizing options.

All pedals are powered by the Voodoo Lab Mondo power supply and connected with Revelation Cable’s SP-400 patch cables.

How to enter

  1. Follow all companies: @oldbloodnoise, @carolinegco, @coppersoundpedals, @way.huge.electronics, @deathbyaudioeffects, @drscientistsounds, @empress_effects, @weareteisco, @zvexeffects, @voodoolabofficial, @monocreators, @bensonamps, @wrenandcuff, @revelationcable
  2. Repost this image on Instagram (your profile must be public)
  3. Use the hashtag: #letsfuzzindothis

The winner will be announced Friday, July 10th

Terms & Conditions: This contest is open worldwide and hosted by Wren And Cuff. Full T&Cs are available here.

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