Product / 4 March 2014

We Won a Pretty Sweet Award

MONO joins Tesla, Nest, Sonos, and other top design-driven brands in the ranks of the 2013 Industrial Design Society of America Awards.

This year the Industrial Design Society of America has issued MONO the prestigious Silver IDEA Award for the Vertigo™ Top-Loading Guitar Case, making MONO one of the select few music industry companies to be recognized by the IDSA.


This is a particularly important award for us, as it affirms our mission. When MONO launched in 2007, we didn’t launch a product, we launched a design company. We have operated with complete convicition at every step of the way, knowing that by leading with design, we would make an impact.

To have the most renowned national design organization (the IDSA) recognize the Vertigo™ – our latest flagship guitar case – is a testament to the support you have given us over the past 6 years. Thank you! This means a great deal to our team.

We are honored to be positioned next to some of our most admired brands in this year’s IDEA Awards. Product winners also include the Tesla Model S, the Nest Thermostat, the Sonos wireless music system, and others.

We hereby renew our vow to push the boundaries, and to invent next-generation products designed for creators.

IDSA Award Article
MONO M80 Vertigo™

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