Things We Love / 3 June 2021

WATCH: Rhett Shull’s New Home Studio

Rhett Shull's MONO pedalboard

After 3 years of working out of a basement storage closet at his parent’s house, Atlanta-based guitarist Rhett Shull has finally made the leap to building out a really cool, purpose-built home studio. The culmination of his long journey as a music Youtuber, this video serves as a timeless lesson to always believe in yourself and pursue your dreams to the fullest.

In his 30-minute vlog, Rhett Shull talks about his start on the video platform and shows you the entire process of filling out the entire space with his guitar and studio gear. If you have aspirations to deck out your own dream studio or are looking for inspiration for your own musical abode, we think this video is a great source of information.

Bonus: Head to 13:45 for a guest appearance from our MONO Pedalboard Carbon. As you can see, our Small-sized pedalboards are a great fit if you’re looking to fit your pedals snugly and neatly into a studio sidecar rack.

Watch the video here:

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