Things We Love / 11 December 2020

WATCH: KIMIK’s live performance from the Aquarium of the Bay

It’s not often you get to witness a live show in an aquarium, but now you can thanks to KIMIK who has teamed up with San Francisco’s Aquarium of the Bay for an incredible audio-visual adventure with an important message.

EP, “Space Reflexions”, is a strong statement for the protection of our planet. The four songs take the listener on a musical trip to space, conveying the “Overview Effect”, a realization that every astronaut has when they first see Earth from outer space, in the midst of void and chaos: it’s a very precious ecosystem that we need to protect.

KIMIK hopes that the aquarium’s magnificence will serve as a reminder to everyone that watches that our blue marble is beautiful, and that we shouldn’t take it for granted.

This live concert will also benefit the aquarium non-profit that focuses on marine conservation.

Watch the performance here:

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