Things We Love / 28 October 2020

WATCH: Sounds Like a Drum takes on ALL of MONO’s drum cases

If you’re a drummer or percussionist, good cases and smart storage matter.

Having every small tool within reach (drum keys, cymbal felts, extra sticks, hi hat clutch, hearing protection, etc.) is just as important as having your cymbals and snare. Even just setting up your kit for the show is a labor of love many drummers are all too familiar with.

And we haven’t even mentioned the woes of transporting it all.

At MONO, we’ve designed our drum cases to offer an ideal balance of protection, portability and utility, and recently sent these over to the creators of Sounds Like a Drum, to check out.

Never forget your hi hat clutch or lose it in the depths of your backpack again with the dedicated clutch holder in our Cymbal Cases.
Credit: Sounds Like a Drum

Watch as Cody takes you through our entire lineup of drum cases and demonstrates some of his favorite features and ways to use his MONO case. He covers everything from effective ways to store your cymbals all the way to maximizing your Studio Stick Case and Double Pedal Case.

Part 1: Cymbal and stick cases

Part 2: Snare and pedal cases

If you enjoyed these videos, don’t forget to subscribe to Sounds Like a Drum and check out our full range of drum cases here.

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