Things We Love / 15 November 2019

WATCH: Rhett Shull builds the pedalboard that does EVERYTHING

How many pedals do you need on a fly gig, and how can you get the most out of a small setup? 

According to Rhett Shull that number is THREE. That’s right. Three. 

Watch Rhett build, in his words, “the pedalboard that does EVERYTHING” with a trio of pedals. At the heart of this board is the Line6 HX Stomp — a popular multi-effects processor that’s rapidly finding its way onto numerous boards thanks to its massive processing muscle. 

The rest of this mini board features other powerhouses like GFI System’s reverb and delay processor, the Specular Tempus (MIDI-controlled by the HX Stomp), Origin Effects’ RevivialDRIVE Compact, and the new CIOKS DC7 powering it all.

Jump to 12:05 for a tone sampler of what this board can do, or watch the video in full for the entire build process. You’re going to love it either way.

Check out the Lite+ Pedalboard that Rhett Shull uses here.

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